Remembering Birthdays…How Do You Celebrate Your Loved One’s Special Day?

I got up this morning, thankful for another beautiful day!  My family and I are glad to be home after a week-long trip to California, seeing just about every sight possible.  We tackled Disneyland and Sea World and a 24 hour car ride.  It was nothing short of fabulous!  🙂  yeah right!….in the car with… Read More

Cows, Chaos, and Joyful Children

The past couple of weeks have been full of non-stop action, leaving little time for writing and an ample amount of time for cattle and critters. Every day brings adventure in my home, so I thought I would share another snapshot of some of the craziness my days consist of, in addition to the inspirational gumdrop… Read More

Ministry of Angels

One of my favorite songs is Celebrate the Children, by Alan Pedersen. I absolutely adore this song, as the words speak right to my heart.  Without a doubt, our children should be celebrated!     I will never forget the first time I saw him perform.  It had been about 18 months since my daughter… Read More