12 Reasons to Pray

As I sat in church today, I silently thanked God for the gift of worship. I had had a ridiculously hectic morning, starting at 6:00 AM and was grateful to be in His presence.  With kids running, screaming and making messes all over, I craved quiet!   I was cleaning in circles, frustrated with my lack… Read More

Perfectly Imperfect!

I’ve been working on some blog posts, but it has definitely been challenging to finish them due to the crazy days I experience. I’m also trying to pack for our trip tomorrow, but with no success.  Here’s a snapshot into today which is just like any normal day! It started early in the morning…got out… Read More

Learning To Recognize Joy In Chaos

First, a glimpse into my life yesterday evening.. It started with two little ones giggling loudly while running laps around house in their underwear. Another was riding Clarke the stick horse rapidly in circles and the redhead was holding a pink stuffed dog chasing the kid on the horse while barking. Then, I heard a… Read More

Cows, Chaos, and Joyful Children

The past couple of weeks have been full of non-stop action, leaving little time for writing and an ample amount of time for cattle and critters. Every day brings adventure in my home, so I thought I would share another snapshot of some of the craziness my days consist of, in addition to the inspirational gumdrop… Read More