Secondary Loss and Steak Sauce

We were on a boat and I could see the shore in the distance. A few old friends, some of Lydia’s old friends and me. No clue what we were doing there but it was nice to see everyone. Suddenly, the boat began taking on water and would soon succumb to the power of the… Read More

Can Christmas Be “Merry” After Losing A Loved One?

Merry Christmas! (Sharing an updated post from last year) For some it will fall way short of “Merry” this year but it will still be Christmas nonetheless. No doubt Christmas has changed since Lydia died. The excitement, fun, anticipation waned as the first holiday came around without her.  Taking my son to see Santa proved… Read More

11 Things I Would Have Done Differently If I Had Known It Would Be The Last……..

My girl. Today is your 13th birthday. I can’t believe you would be a teenager. It’s hard to fathom that I am the mom to a 13-year-old. Where did the years go? To be able to celebrate with you, would be my first wish. To see your adorable smile, your mischievous glances and determined mindset,… Read More

When A Turkey Makes You Smile

Lately, I’ve been void of words, thus the absence of writing. My motivation declined as my scattered thoughts took root, all-consuming and coaxing me into replaying the memories from the “good old days,” over and over in my mind. You know the ones when you were a younger you, life was fabulous, your career was… Read More

How A Zebra Changed My Life-(Can Animals Really Help Your Grief?)

Reposting one of my favorites…. So, why you ask, does that odd and quirky lady always have that pesky yet adorable little dog in tow? While it can be a bit annoying and distracting, many fail to imagine a purpose for such a thing. Well, let me introduce you to Marty….Marty my little Yorkie dog… Read More

Take Care Dear Ones-A Letter From The Heart

I received a card in the mail a couple of weeks ago. It was a touching reminder of my past and a loving gesture from one the members of our old church before we moved. You know the ones that reach you deep in the heart, making you warm all over. Yes, this was one… Read More