One Amazing Thing You Can Do to Heal a Broken Heart

We are not products of our past and we don’t have to be prisoners of it – Unknown After my daughter died, you could say the world ended. It was that simple. My life had come to the lowest point ever imagined. I was surrounded by complete darkness.There was no purpose, no meaning left, so… Read More

Wishes and Would Have’s For My Daughter On Her Birthday In Heaven

I let out a big sigh and pulled the covers over my head, just wishing they would go back to sleep.  You see it was 6:10 AM, no school or work and I was exhausted.  Not to mention, I’m not a fan of being woke up in the early morning.  Nothing makes one smile more… Read More

Capture Your Grief: Day 3-Before……..

Fall, my favorite time of year is upon us.  The cool mornings, spectacular colors of nature, and the rustling of wildlife make me feel so alive.  Before Lydia died, the months of fall were the center of our family activities. Camping, hunting, scenic drives, and enjoying the outdoors was a frequent occurrence in our house.… Read More