A Day in the Life of a Grieving Mother

I woke up this morning and sat up on my bed, legs dangling towards the floor.  The heaviness of my eyes was overwhelming. I was exhausted, yet weirdly refreshed and thankful to find that the stinging of my bloodshot eyes had subsided after a few hours sleep. My mind didn’t waste any time reminding me… Read More

Kind Words and the Impact of an Extraordinary Nurse

These stories never get old.  Sharing one dear to my heart in honor of National  Nurses Week. Hearing of parents mourning the loss of their children due to sudden and traumatic ways, brings back vivid memories to me, knowing the helpless feeling all too well.    The devastating losses of others, is was a strong reminder… Read More

How A Zebra Changed My Life-(Can Animals Really Help Your Grief?)

Reposting one of my favorites…. So, why you ask, does that odd and quirky lady always have that pesky yet adorable little dog in tow? While it can be a bit annoying and distracting, many fail to imagine a purpose for such a thing. Well, let me introduce you to Marty….Marty my little Yorkie dog… Read More

Remembering Birthdays…How Do You Celebrate Your Loved One’s Special Day?

I got up this morning, thankful for another beautiful day!  My family and I are glad to be home after a week-long trip to California, seeing just about every sight possible.  We tackled Disneyland and Sea World and a 24 hour car ride.  It was nothing short of fabulous!  🙂  yeah right!….in the car with… Read More

Moving, Bears and Leaps of Faith

After typing nearly this entire post, I had to redo, due to my toddler sitting on the laptop and accidentally erasing it all.  Nothing ever surprises me anymore!  🙂   This upcoming week I will be enduring a difficult task and thought I would share some insight with you. Many of you know that last… Read More