The Humbled Family

Another week of constant motion has left little time for writing. I have been ready for some quiet time to just relax. One evening last week, I finally got the chance to escape the kiddos and there was no hesitation before I seized the moment.  After leaving them with my husband, I drove to the… Read More

Theaters, Moving and Treasured Memories

  Well guys, I did it.  I completed the daunting task of emptying my house so a new family could move in. I must admit, I was a bit jealous and territorial thinking of people living in my home.  Closing one chapter and starting another. It was a long exhausting week full of surprises, laughs… Read More

Moving, Bears and Leaps of Faith

After typing nearly this entire post, I had to redo, due to my toddler sitting on the laptop and accidentally erasing it all.  Nothing ever surprises me anymore!  🙂   This upcoming week I will be enduring a difficult task and thought I would share some insight with you. Many of you know that last… Read More