Announcement-Book Coming Soon!!

It’s here. Today Lydia turns 16 years old.  It’s one that’s been on my heart for years, strangely.    Wow! It’s so hard for my mind to wrap around her being 16.   Has it been that long?

I have been thinking, wondering what I could do to honor her and make this day special and all about my girl.  To start, I will share some writing focused on Lydia throughout this week, many photos as well as my special announcement. But in all honesty, I just want to sit in my fuzzy pajamas, drink hot chocolate and watch hallmark movies all day by myself while remembering my girl. Unfortunately, amidst all my duties as responsibilities, that’s not in the cards today.

Nevertheless, I’m so excited to share with you a project I’ve been working on.  Something that arose seemingly out of the blue, but came together without a hitch.  A book, to shed a ray of light in the darkness for those who find them in this unbearable reality.

COMING SOON!!  Barely Breathing: Ten Secrets to Surviving the Loss of a Child



I want to share with others, newly bereaved and those who have been struggling for years on this unpredictable journey.  Being a “bereaved mother” for over a decade now, I have unveiled those hidden treasures that have helped me get to where I’m at today, and have written my ten secrets to survival plus some bonus secrets for YOU.  This is the book I wished I had when Lydia died and I want all those parents out there with aching hearts to know that if I can do this, so can you!

How do parents who have lost a child move forward when they don’t know what do to next and are barely breathing?  How can we live this life when reality tugs back because the fear of moving forward is so gut wrenching and hard? What do we do when we feel like we can’t take one step further and we want nothing more than to be with our children? Let’s face it-our dreams and hopes have been shattered.   We feel like outcasts, like we don’t belong anymore because the only identity we have ever known has been stripped away in a second.

As I already said, there are no words and no fixing this devastating reality.   However, what I can offer is some hope and encouragement.  It’s my desire that this book will leave the hearts of grieving parents planted with seeds of hope that losing your child is survivable and joy can be found again.  Together we got this. Beautifully broken, yet united. We are stronger together.

Thank you so much for all the loving messages and emails you have sent me. You guys are amazing and full of compassion.  God’s love is so evident.  In the meantime, in honor of Lydia, I think I will enjoy some chocolate milk, cantaloupe, chicken strips and brownies on this fabulous day while reminiscing through the photo albums.

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Success Is Yours- Launch Day!!

I’ve been busy lately doing so much it has been hard to keep track!  Do you ever have those days or weeks?  I’m ready for some relaxation, but I just had to tell you about a cool new release before the weekend arrives.

Today, I wanted to share with you an exciting little project I have been working on.  A few weeks ago a group of us decided to come together to write a book about success in life, money and relationships.   And what a fun project it was.

Is it possible to have success after loss?   It may sound strange or impossible, however you absolutely can succeed AND have joy after loss.  With the thought of “success” on my mind, instantly I knew what my part would contain- words of hope and motivation for others struggling with life after loss.

With the help of our fabulous editor Donna Kozik, we published an e-book, and here it is!


Success is yours three d book


Here’s a little taste of my piece….

“How to achieve it? It’s embracing faith, taking one day at a time. Be patient. It requires clinging to hope and belief in that entity bigger than you. It’s trusting that this present world is not all there is. It takes opening your heart and blessing others, giving, serving and loving while gradually rebuilding your life as you discover your purpose and passion. All the while, embrace your hurt and treasure your memories. Honor your past, and know you are not alone. Hope is more powerful than fear.”

Could you or someone you know use a little inspiration?  With over 70+ stories of success in life, money and relationships, you can’t go wrong with this book.

I just love little books packed full of punches.  Pure encouragement from those who have walked the journey.   The healing power of words is something to be celebrated.

I’m very excited that today it went on sale for only .99 on Amazon and it’s already a #1 New Release!!

Don’t miss out!  Click here to get your copy:   Success Is Yours  

On the journey with you~





Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash