Recitals, Ridiculous Kids and Grieving Gumdrops

I’ve been off the air unintentionally for over two weeks now as we’ve completed the daunting yet exciting task of moving, leaving me behind in my blogging. With no internet at the new house and a busy schedule from daylight til dark, the dance card has been full with not a minute wasted. So the… Read More

Life, Love and Beautiful Baby Animals

In addition to finding my daughter in the bathroom painting herself with peanut butter, this week has brought many laughs and lessons on love.  The children got hands on experiences in mothering as well as lessons in life and the power of love. Finding a little hungry kitten in the woodshed, we became a temporary… Read More

God’s Timing and the Joy of Mischievous Children

This last week kicked off with me washing an entire package of crayons in the washer and not noticing it until I retrieved the clothes from the dryer.  It was awful.  We now have multi-colored spotted shirts, towels, socks, and more. I never have been much of domestic princess so to speak, so needless to… Read More

The Humbled Family

Another week of constant motion has left little time for writing. I have been ready for some quiet time to just relax. One evening last week, I finally got the chance to escape the kiddos and there was no hesitation before I seized the moment.  After leaving them with my husband, I drove to the… Read More