Who knew a little boy named Calvin would leave a legacy that would last forever. I first learned of Calvin and his legacy two years ago, when I was privileged to meet the founder unexpectedly. Upon hearing Calvin’s story, I was overcome with love. It brings joy to ones heart to see God working through people who touches so many.

A few short years ago, a compassionate woman began a crusade that would conquer the world.  Calvin’s Hats began in February 2009, in memory of little Calvin John, who passed away in as an infant in 2008.  Founder Annie Willems and Calvin’s parents, John and Jenna Hoagland found little resources available to comfort them after losing tiny Calvin. Finding that most clothes and hats were too big for their tiny Calvin,they found solace in something much smaller. A tiny hat. What a difference these tiny hats can bring to bereaved parents by offering something to hold onto long after their child is gone.

“ It is their wish that these tiny hats will carry with them a small amount of healing, comfort, & peace, ” as stated by the volunteers at Calvin’s Hats.

” calvin hats hats

It is their mission to bring a small amount of healing to heartbroken parents.  Calvin’s Hats is a non-profit organization that provides hand-made hats for babies who are born too early to survive.

Hats are knitted by generous volunteers throughout the country and donated to Calvin’s Hats.  Calvin’s Hats receives hat requests from all over the world for little ones gone too soon.  Hats are given to hospitals as well as individuals at their request.

Over the past four years, Calvin’s hats have reached thousands, and traveled all over the world to comfort those parents in their darkest hour. To these families, having something to remember their precious children by means everything.

From knitting hats, to donating yarn or mailing supplies,  there are many ways to contribute to this wonderful organization. Calvin’s Hats and grieving families are always in need of your support.

Every child matters.  Wwww.calvinshats.com

calvins hats logo

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