Hi, I’m Daphne

I’m a blessed mother of five- four live here with me and one lives in heaven.


It’s been 13 years since my firstborn child,  Lydia, passed away in a car accident. It’s been a difficult journey of survival some years, and others, it’s been okay.  During the past years, I found strength in connecting with others who are on this unknown journey of grief.  I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, who like me, want the world to remember their loved one and who have given their talents while dedicating their new lives to helping others who are walking this heartbreaking path.

As a bereaved parent myself, I know firsthand how important it is to keep your child’s memory alive and to honor their life. Eight years ago, God led us to bring joy to children, in memory of our daughter, which has been a blessing and given us a new purpose in life.

After coming to terms with our loss and using the healing power of time to our advantage, the clouds have parted and the sun is able to shine again.

Throughout my journey of grief, I have kept a journal. Now after years have passed, I can clearly see how God has shaped my life and brought me where I am today.  The signs have been plentiful and God has spoken to me, wanting me to share the incredible wonders he has worked in my life.  From painfully closing doors, to relationships with people intended to guide my path, leaps of faith to opportunities, there is so much to share that I’m sure that those who have doubted Him, will doubt no longer.

It’s time to celebrate life and live with purpose while inspiring others and walking together in this journey.  Walk with us as we highlight ways in which God has transformed lives, from the dark side of grief to the sweeter side.

In addition, please visit our Grief Diaries Village to find inspirational stories from others who have been there. This is an incredible movement of broken hearts (#healinghearts) sharing personal struggles and experiences on many types of grief. Have a story or message to share, wanting to ignite hope in others? Join the village!

Lydia Marie Greer

Lydia Marie GreerLydia was my firstborn child and a vibrant little girl, so full of life. She had a love for dancing, shopping, and fashion.  So very outgoing that her big personality could entertain an entire room.  I like to call her the glitter glue to our family.  She was the sparkle, the glitter and glue that has held us together.

Much like her grandma, Lydia was a girl who loved to shop, eat cinnamon rolls, drink hot chocolate, and explore what the world had to offer. She loved the spotlight. Her singing and dancing was a daily occurrence in the house. A social butterfly, she loved people and had lots of friends.  A dreamer at heart and a creative old soul, her flare for life could make anyone jump aboard her exciting and eager outlook.  Her clothes never matched, yet she took pride in her appearance and permeated confidence in every environment.  Lydia loved to draw and created beautiful pieces of art, leaving many notes and pictures around the house for her family to find, long after she passed.

Lydia would often talk about God and want to know when she could meet him and go to His house.  She was fascinated by her family members who passed long ago, having a deep desire to meet her great grandparents, often requesting to go to the cemetery to see them.  I would smile and tell her God is always with us and how wonderful heaven is, but that she had long life to live on earth before then.  Little did I know, her time here would be brief.

Lydia's Love

Lydia’s Love was started in 2011, a non-profit organization that provides birthday parties to homeless and needy children. This has been a rewarding and heartfelt experience. Seeing joy in children’s lives during hard times, as they feel and know that they are special, is priceless.  It has also been a wonderful way to get the community involved. From churches, to school groups, to families and organizations, Lydia’s Love has given others a positive avenue to volunteer and give back in.