Words of motivation and hope we all need to hear..Thank you Gale for your inspiring thoughts…There is always hope.

Gale Weithers

Do not pray for easy lives quote

I happened across this touching post on the “Diary of a Wannabe Everything” entitled: “Life is Hard Sometimes and That’s OK“.

After reading the author’s moving words with tears in my eyes and in my heart, three thoughts immediately came to mind:

  1. Someone is always going through something harder than you are
  2. We’re all walking this road called life together
  3. Someone else’s story could just as easily be yours

So many of us have ‘stuff’ going on … serious stuff.  How do we get up and out of it?  Where is the light at the end of tunnel (who moved the light in the first place)?

As we face unexpected situations which often times are no fault of our own, I encourage you to stand firm even if your life seems inordinately hard and challenging right about now, and even though it looks as if there is just no hope no matter what you…

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