As a grieving mother with a permanent scar on display, both ouside and in, I found this to be a great post shedding insight to marks that we all have, inside and out. Some type of scar. We can try to hide them or proudly show them off, yet we will find that we often are taken by surprise when we realize that we have survived and are stronger because of our experiences. They will forever be a part of us.

Mom Optimist In Training

Motivational Quotes For Athletes | Game Time Strength Training at 4 Star Strength Gym: Strength and USPA ...

I was doing some reflecting before I began writing. Sometimes it is harder to narrow down topics and today was one of those days. My two “idea consultants”, also known as my daughters, are helpful to bounce ideas off of at any time. Indirectly, they provided me with a narrowed down topic. After doing errands, this afternoon, they were watching an episode of Glee from two seasons ago. In this episode the cast sings a song titled “Outcast” and in it were the words “Stronger From Every Scar.” Wow!! This title has a million life lessons within it.

Last week my daughter, who had surgery this summer,came up with a “plan” with her sister. The plan involved photographing her back scar and attaching her favorite quote. Both she and her sister decided to take this plan a bit further and post it on Facebook and on Instagram. I was also…

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