This week it seems I’ve been over taken by the bug and ultimately succumbed to the horrific flu…Needless to say, I’m behind on writing as well as reading other blogs as I’ve been off the computer trying to get some rest, well, as much rest as a mother can get amidst the arguments, spills, smashed fingers, nightmares, and encounters with the big bad wolf.  But here I am back in the saddle for a while anyways.

So about the tree. We managed to get it up and it’s a beautiful one.  The kids eagerly yet cautiously unwrapped the ornaments from their packaging as we opened boxes of decorations stored from years past.  It’s always fun to see the homemade ornaments they have made over the years and seeing how much they have grown.  From Santa hands, to reindeer feet/hand ornaments, to Christmas tree photos, the nostalgia brings smiles and sniffles to our faces.  We’re not the family with the perfect tree, with the prefect matching ornaments concocted of intricately placed and coordinated decor.  No, and our tree reflects a family of love, heart, chaos, simplicity, contentment and thankfulness with the mismatched homemade ornaments and colorful shotgun shell lights purchased at a yard sale, sparsely placed at the eye level of a child leaving lots of room for appreciation of the greenness and wonder of the branches.  But that’s alright. It’s us.

And then comes the tree topper. Not the traditional star or angel, but our homemade “Angel.”  When Lydia was just a year old, who knew this beautiful piece of artwork would live on to encompass so much meaning?  A touching wreath made of her cut out hands, wrapped snugly around her photo.  For 11 years now, this has been the topper to our Christmas tree.  The past six years never fails to give us that heart wrenching choked up feeling when it’s placed on top. However, we know our angel is forever with us and remains an extra important part of Christmas, as we see her shining from the top of the tree as the rest of the family tries to enjoy Santa’s arrival and the precious baby boy born for all, laying in the manger for everyone to celebrate.

Our Angel


And now, the challenging struggle begins, trying to keep the tree intact until Christmas… So far it’s only fallen over once, only 3 ornaments have been broken as a result of multiple toys having been thrown into it, and only used as a chopping block for kids using bats as swords pretending to be ninjas a few times, and it’s still salvageable.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

6 thoughts on “The Tree Of Love

  1. Imagine my sursprise that Xander would put every single ornament on our little tree for us! Kids Kids Kids are wonderful. We never had a tree fall, but the iguana walked across the bottom branches one and only broke one ornament. Your tree looks very happy. Sweet topper.
    Love from Auntie M’ and Uncle AL

    1. Oh what a sweet little Xander. Such blessings kiddos are. I would have loved to see Spike the iguana cruising the branches too! Thanks Auntie M & Uncle owl!

  2. What wonderful memories and traditions you are creating with your family. We never had a tree fall, but I have memories from my childhood and adult hood of the cats climbing them and knocking ornaments off.

    1. Oh thanks Grace! I’ve never had a tree fall until now either..Quite the experience. Aren’t the Christmas Tree memories the best?..So fun! Between animals and kids there is never a dull moment!

  3. I love your tree topper and the message that it sends all those who see it. That we never forget those we love and they never leave us! I love this post as I can envision the tree falling, etc. and I chuckle at my own memories of the days when are children were small and holidays/trees/life were so messy! Enjoy it all, time travels quickly.

  4. You are so right Kathy, we never will forget those we love and they are absolutely with us wherever we are. Juggling grief and raising children is the most challenging, however, I wouldn’t trade the craziness for anything even when it’s so overwhelming and yes MESSY! 🙂 Time is so precious….Thanks for reading!

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