Why last night, did I choose to read the email that randomly showed up on my I-pad from the end of February?  I could’ve waited for the morning, yet I knew it contained words I was desperately wanted to hear, no matter how painful.  I read on, and as a result, I received a night of very little sleep.

As my eyes scrolled down the screen and tears rolled down my flushed red cheeks, they read a detailed and heart wrenching testimony of another mom, an emergency room nurse, who was there and tended to my wounds that dreadful day. She was there in those moments of silence and knew what she suspected I already knew in my heart.  She remembered the teddy bear, my son and the horrifying sound of a mothers dying heart as he told her the news.  We shared a few sacred hours that no one else would know, tiny moments in time that would forever change her life as well as mine.  These words meant the world to me.

It was another reminder, illustrating the enormous effect Lydia’s death had, not only on me, but on others.  It wasn’t just our family, it was other people, friends, strangers, and in this case, a nurse that were all impacted as well.

Who knew that a card she mailed and I received three months later as I returned to work would be something this grieving mother would keep with her and carry in her purse for the next six years, carefully reading it over and over again when life became too much to bear. It was only then that I would reply thanking her for her words that meant so much, making the relationship come full circle as she replied back, writing her account of that day, the impact it had on her life and mailed it to me after all this time. Her words were beyond powerful.

With this my mind was immediately taken back to that day, provoking thoughts as to just how my life has changed since then.  Six years and through many difficult times, incredible blessings and God’s grace, I am here sharing my story with you. It’s quite unbelievable to me at times, as I was absolutely certain at that time, I would never be able to show my face again.  Yet on my way to work yesterday, while listening to a broadcast of Joyce Meyer Ministries, a few of her words resonated deep within me.


Such true words. Words I loved to hear. She was so right.  We all have a testimony of struggle, courage, tragedy, and more, yet if we allow him to, God can turn our situations around not only to bring joy in our hearts, but help us be a beacon of light to others going through similar situations.  We may not realize it, but sharing our journey, whatever it may be, could be life changing to someone else transforming their despair and heartache into a glimmer of hope and possibility, providing them that needed edge not to give up.

I would love to hear your story of how God has worked in your life…Please share, you never know who He has lined up to read your words at just this very moment.

2 thoughts on “Receiving Grace: Changing From Being The Mess To The Message

    1. Oh thank you for your heartfelt words. He is amazing..And thank you for your words, i love reading your uplifting and inspiring blog!

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