I received a card in the mail a couple of weeks ago. It was a touching reminder of my past and a loving gesture from one the members of our old church before we moved. You know the ones that reach you deep in the heart, making you warm all over.

    Yes, this was one of them. www.grievinggumdrops.com

    The thoughtfulness of a lady who knew our family well impacted us all as I read the card out loud. Most importantly, she knew Lydia and was there since the day we had to live without her.

    Sharing a few words she wrote….

    Life goes on here, but know you are all still part of our lives. Kids are playing at Lydia’s Place all the time…..Take care dear ones. We hold you close in our thoughts, prayers and memories.”

    Can I tell you how much this moved me? It was so powerful that it brought me to tears. Out of the blue it arrived in the mail, from someone I hadn’t talked with in way too long. To think that she took the time to remember me as well as Lydia brought moments of sniffles, happy tears sprinkled with a few drops of sadness combined to create that overall feeling of gratitude and appreciation. Needless to say, it made my week.

    To know that the children are enjoying Lydia’s Place is music to my ears. I was fortunate to view the playground from my home when we lived there. I could see at a moments notice, the playground and observe the kids scurrying about, climbing all over it while giggling. Often, when I felt that painful ache of grief, I would sit on that window ledge for what seemed like hours, watching the children in amazement and wonder, thinking to myself I must be dreaming. I never would have imagined this. lydiaplacesign


    And so take this as a pleasant reminder on just how much you can enrich someone’s life with a few kind thoughts. Have you ever thought of writing someone to tell them they have been on your mind, and never followed through? I know I have. Take time to send those cards, emails and words of encouragement. For it’s in these little moments of life where true meaning lies. You never know when those words will make a lasting impact.

    If we cannot think solely of others for one day, do it for half a day.
    If we cannot think solely of others for half a day, Do it for two hours.
    If not for two hours Then one hour.
    If not for one hour then one minute.

    ~Venerable Wuling, Path to Peace

    Image Credit: amtbweb.org

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