The day WILL come…


When you realize you haven’t cried in days

When you are able to look at their photos and smile

When you are so thankful to be their mom



When you feel a twinge of happiness amidst the tears, remembering how silly they used to be

When you share them with a stranger

When you find a precious memento


When you feel full of hope

When you are able to comfort others

When you look in the mirror and smile back


When God becomes part of your every day

When you make their clothes into a memory blanket

When you connect with other grieving parents and become lifelong friends


When your heart blooms with compassion

When you realize that God will use your pain for good

When you eat their favorite foods just to feel close to them


When you realize you would endure losing them all over again for one more embrace

When you write down the beautiful memories you shared

When you trust God with all your heart


When you honor their memory

When you give it to God

When you know who you are in Christ


When you know you will always be their mom

When you realize nothing will ever separate your love

When you stand on His promises


When you see through eyes of gratitude

When you reach for your bible instead of your phone

When you believe you did your best


When you can breathe a little easier

When you can control those moments of anxiety

When you’re now surviving the impossible


When you look back and realize how far you’ve come

When you see your pain had a purpose

When you are grateful to have had them for the time you did


When you’re able to see the power of perspective

When you know you will be reunited in eternity

When you find the secrets to surviving this tragedy


When you have finally found the sweeter side of grief……..



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