Hoping to see the illuminated twilight skies, I sat at the cemetery and watched the sun go down. I was alone, in the company of my two dogs.  As my eyes peered at the beauty around me, I inhaled the brisk air, reminiscing about life then and now, thinking of my precious girl. Surrounded by tranquility, I knew she was with me.

She’s always with me .And your children are always with you.

Let us not forget…..

They’re in the smile from a stranger

They’re in the vibrant pink sky as the sun begins to set

They’re in the store clerk who is wearing their name tag

They’re in their siblings

They’re  in the wind as it brushes across your face

They’re in those deep conversations that touch your heart

They’re  in the rays of warm sunshine that penetrate your skin

They’re in your laugh, the one you were afraid to hear

They’re in your tears as the loved pours down your cheeks

They’re in that hug you just received

The’re in the new friend you just made

They’re in your smile

They’re in that deep conversation with a close friend

They’re with you as you lay awake on sleepless nights

They’re in that text from someone checking in on you

They’re in your thoughts on a long road trip

They’re in the music that speaks to your soul

They’re in the loyalty and love of your pet

They’re in the colorful rainbow shining through the storm

They’re in the glow of the moon on a dark, starry night

They’re with you whenever you go, forever in your heart.

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