Do you ever get those subtle signs, those little hints like words that resonate within you, stirring something up deep in your soul?  I’ve learned that those are the things we should be paying attention to.  A group of my writer friends calls it the whispers, God’s whispers.  I’ve had more than a few of those lately.

Yesterday, while working at my desk, my messenger notification lit up.  I glanced down to find it was from the mom of one my oldest friends since elementary school.  I opened it up and she relayed that she thought this message was something I would want to see.  To my surprise, it was a link to an obituary of childhood friend I had grown up with, who had passed away unexpectedly.  My heart sank as I read the words describing the amazing soul she was and the incredible life she had lived. 

I stared at her photo for the longest time. She was beautiful.  She looked just like she did when we were 14. Beautiful brown hair with flawless features. Her smile still lit up a room.  Even though we hadn’t seen each other in twenty something years, I was instantly taken back to our momentous cheerleading tryouts freshman year. We worked tirelessly practicing and making up dances to C and C Music Factory-Everybody Dance Now, perfecting every move for auditions.  No doubt about it, we thought we were cool. I remember our days spent playing soccer, laughing, dancing, cheerleading, shopping, talking about boys and writing letters.   

And today, suddenly our paths crossed again, decades later, in a heart-breaking manner. My dear old friend was gone. How was that possible?  I was speechless, struck with reminiscing about my years with her and my childhood, realizing just how fast time passes by.

It hit me hard and heightened recent conversations I had with others about how short life is. This was a huge reminder.  Earlier, I had come across a post about how we are not guaranteed tomorrow. And then I remembered the podcast I had listened to the night before, that also had the underlying message that tomorrow wasn’t promised. It was motivating, encouraging others to live their best life and to take action. Don’t wait for tomorrow as it may not come.   

Do it now. Follow your dreams. Listen to your heart. Take chances. Tell those you love them. Face your fears. Make a move. Don’t worry about what others think, etc.  I couldn’t agree more.

A message was being sent.  This recurring theme was an obvious nudging that was not to be ignored.  We shouldn’t hesitate, second guess ourselves, or sit idly while time passes us by. We all have something wonderful to offer the world.  We should listen to those whispers in our heart, seizing opportunities and open doors, striving to be that truest and best version of ourselves, making the most of the time we have here in this life.   

For now, I remain thankful for these memories and important reminders, while remembering my dear friend and her pure heart, living the best life for us both.    

2 thoughts on “Reminder-Tomorrow Isn’t Promised

  1. I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. As I get older, these losses become far too common. A price for getting older I suppose. My heart breaks everytime I hear about the loss of a friend. I’m slow to recover and worry about their loved ones. I guess this is how my own grief has effected my ability to cope with death.

    We both know how short life can be. Yes to taking chances…yes to following your heart…yes to everything you have said!


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    1. Such truth in your words. Our hearts are forever changed with our grief. We now have eyes filled with amazing perspective and hearts overflowing with compassion. Most importantly, we aren’t afraid to take those chances and be true to ourselves, making the most of the time we have. ~On the journey with you.

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