Barely Breathing: 10 Secrets to Surviving Loss of Your Child

Barely Breathing: 10 Secrets to Surviving Loss of Your Child

This is my latest project, now available on Amazon.

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Back cover synopsis: “A road map for grievers wherever they are on their journey. Drawing on her own experience of losing her daughter Lydia, Daphne offers ten secrets to surviving in an easy to follow, thoughtfully written book. Her grace and compassion are a true light for those suffering in the dark depths of grief.”

Memoir In Progress

In between writing for different books and websites, I’m diligently working on my memoir. It illustrates the journey through the first five years after the death of my daughter, Lydia as I navigated the difficult waters of grief, faith and hope. Synopsis of my memoir.

Below are some touching books that I have had the honor to be included in. You can find my articles about life and loss and more about me online at Tiny Budda, The Grief Toolbox, HavingTime, Yahoo , The Mighty , as well as others.

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