I’m so excited to share with you a project I’ve been working on.  Something that just arose seemingly out of the blue, but came together without a hitch.  A book, to shed a ray of light in the darkness for those who find them in this unbearable reality.

I want to share with others, newly bereaved and those who have been struggling for years on this unpredictable journey.  I have written my ten secrets to survival plus some bonus secrets for you. I just want all those parents out there with aching hearts to know that if I can do this, so can you.

How do parents whose child has died, move forward when they don’t know what do to next?  How can we live this life when reality tugs back because the fear of moving forward is so gut wrenching and hard? What do we do when we feel like we can’t take one step further and we want nothing more than to be with our children? Let’s face it-our dreams and hopes have been shattered.

We feel like outcasts, like we don’t belong anymore because the only identity we have ever known has been stripped away in a second.

As I already said, there are no words. However, what I can offer is some hope and encouragement.  Here you will find ten secrets to surviving child loss as well as many bonus secrets.

It’s my hope that this book will leave the hearts of grieving parents planted with seeds of hope that losing your child is survivable and joy can be found again.  Together we got this. Beautifully broken, yet united. We are stronger together.


A GIFT OF GRATITUDE is the third edition in The Community Book Project series, where people come together to write and submit essays on a particular theme. In a weekend.


The gifts of gratitude described inside include the subjects of children, pets, nature, travel and, in one case, mushrooms. We also list our favorite causes we support.

And we are pleased to share the results with you in this book celebrating gratitude: the inspirational essays, narratives and insights. The intention of this book is to empower and uplift you, too, to notice what’s around you and give appreciation.

Thank you for reading—and celebrating—gratitude!

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EVERYDAY JOY is the next edition in The Community Book Project series, where people come together to submit essays on a particular theme. In a weekend. The everyday joys described include the subjects of children, pets, nature, travel and, in one
case, bacon.  These authors are examples of everyday joy, too. And so are our readers.
Now we share with you the results of that weekend: the inspirational essays, narratives and insights. The intention of this book is to empower and uplift you, too, to be a more joyful being. Thank you for reading—and celebrating—everyday joy!


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Success is Yours: a compilation of inspiration and encouragement from my co-authors and me. A collection of inspirational stories on love, life and relationships. An easy read, you can’t go wrong with this one.  Very proud that it is now an Amazon best seller!

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I’m very excited to announce the release of this wonderful book. Honored to be a co-author with two amazing women. Available for purchase at Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

Part of the award-winning Grief Diaries book series, Will We Survive offers a unique glimpse into the impact on marriage and relationships following child loss. Fifteen bereaved parents share the struggles they faced in the aftermath including blame, coping differences, intimacy, and more.

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Below are some other touching books you will find my writing in.   You can find my articles about life and loss and more about me online at Tiny Budda, The Grief Toolbox, Havingtime, Yahoo and The Mighty.   In between writing for different books and websites, I’m diligently working on my memoir. My book illustrates the journey through the first five years after the death of my daughter, Lydia as I navigated the difficult waters of grief, faith and hope.

 Synopsis of my book…
Living the American dream, I was married with two children, had a challenging and exciting career and led a life void of drama, turmoil and tragedy. Always in control, determined, and independent, I conquered everything life threw my way with confidence until one life altering day. I didn’t receive the dreaded call, I was the call. The call my husband had always been afraid of receiving. Involved in a two vehicle accident with my children on the way to work one summer morning, resulted in a life changing struggle of faith and survival. Upon learning of my daughter’s death, I was broken. My life as I knew it had ended and it had shattered not only my own family but the law enforcement community where my husband and I were firmly ingrained.

How would I survive this? Unable to continue on my own, I was overcome with guilt and regret, not wanting to live another day without my daughter, yet knew I had to be a mother to my surviving son. Angry, bitter and broken, I questioned God’s motives. After no answers came, I realized the only way at survival was through Him. Relying on my childhood foundation of faith, I turned to Him down on my knees, sobbing uncontrollably as I asked for forgiveness and strength to endure the pain and new life I had been given. As reality set in I was overwhelmed with more than I could handle.

God’s timing weaves a golden thread throughout the story making everything come together, allowing the extravagant blessings and beauty He created amidst my loss to be seen, illustrating that He was there all along. It’s a story of enduring faith, love and hope.


I’ve also had the honor to be included in some other fabulous books:
Part of the Grief Diaries series dedicated to offering comfort, company and hope in the aftermath of life’s challenges and losses, Grief Diaries: Loss of a Child is a collection of intimate and candid narrations from different writers about their journey through losing a child. In chapter one, each writer bravely penned the moment when their familiar lives disappeared along with their precious child’s last breath. The writers were then presented with intimate questions pertaining to their loss, and their responses are compiled within the individual chapters. These narrations are unabridged, as every voice is unique. But no matter the differences, the stories contained in each Grief Diaries book is a treasured reminder that none of us walk the journey alone. Welcome to the Grief Diaries village, where grief transcends all differences and unites us in the aftermath. Welcome, bereaved friend, to company, comfort and hope.

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miracles and moments of graceMiracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories of Survival by Nancy B. Kennedy. In Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories of Survival, you’ll find dozens of stories from ordinary people who have triumphed over extraordinary circumstances. Caught in Hurricane Katrina, attacked by a lion, facing a gunman, trapped in a violent marriage, losing the self to Alzheimer’s–in the midst of their trials, these brave people discovered that God provides the grace to persevere in the face of life’s greatest challenges. The stories they tell make the heart race, yet they also reveal the sustaining power of deep courage and true faith. Their stories will touch your heart and lift your spirits.

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The Mom Quilt-
Releasing Monday, August 10, 2015, I am so thankful to be part of an incredible act of philanthropy. Being able to contribute to such a wonderful cause makes my heart overflow. Over 60 wonderful moms and bloggers contributed to make this book, each sharing a special story from their heart about life as mom.

Even though our lives as mom may look very different from one another, there are certain emotions, experiences and most of all love that unites us. We like to envision these things as threads that bind us together in our lives as “mom”. We all play a unique part, and might do motherhood in different ways than those that surround us, but that bond of love makes us not so different after all.

momquiltThese stories are a reflection of the things we share and the things that make us unique. It is emotional and beautiful, you will likely laugh and cry right along with the authors as they share an authentic glimpse into their lives, struggles, joys and successes.

In addition to being encouraged yourself by this book, 100% of the money from purchases of the book will be going towards building a water well in Kenya on the Mercy House property. Currently, water is trucked in from miles away. It is costly in time and money and we would love to take away that stress and expense from the ministry so they are freed up to focus in other areas.

This is no small feat in and of itself, but we have every confidence that we will be able to raise that money and more through the sales of this wonderful book! You can buy your copy of the book here, starting on Monday. Every dollar will go towards the Mercy House project, and you will even be able to overpay for the book if you’d like to send more money towards the project.

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When someone loses a loved one, what do you say? What can you do? How to Help the Newly Bereaved is a powerful guidebook of suggestions and tips by 22 experts, the bereaved themselves, who share the support they found most and least helpful when they faced their own loss. Chock full of thoughtful insight and wise advice, How to Help the Newly Bereaved offers straight talk to increase your confidence and comfort around the bereaved and arm you with a toolbox of forget-me-nots and insight as you support someone during the most difficult time in their life.


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