A Gift of Gratitude: A Community Book Project

A Gift of Gratitude: A Community Book Project

The third edition in The Community Book Project series, where people come together to write and submit essays on a particular theme. In a weekend.

The Gifts of Gratitude described inside include the subjects of children, pets, nature, travel and, in one case—mushrooms. We also list our favorite causes we support.

We are pleased to share the results with you in this book celebrating gratitude: the inspirational essays, narratives and insights. The intention of this book is to empower and uplift you, too, to notice what’s around you and give appreciation.

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Contributors include Martin Salama, Holly R. Fitzpatrick, Rich Liotta, Crystal Rector, LaVerne M. Byrd, Katherine Cobb, Carol Brusegar, Irena Kay, Rick Binder, Rebecca Brown, Patti Smith, Jen DG, Linda Bittle, Shona Battersby, Ruth McGarry, Uranchimeg (Urna) Belanger, Roberta Gold, Bill McCarthy, Kerri McManus, and Asha Khalil.

Also Judi G. Reid, Gwyn Goodrow, Joe Raab, Veronica Hollingsworth, Nikki Brown, Anne M. Skinner, Susan P. Sloan, Daphne Bach Greer, Fiona-Louise, Grace Kusta Nasralla, Merwyn Evans, Lisa S. Campbell, Dr. Ola B. Madsen, Carol Trant Dean, Connie Ragen Green, and Heidi Miller-Ford.

Also Marcelle della Faille, Carol Stockall, Michelle Francik, Michelle Barrial, Mary Anne Strange, Paula S. Webb, Norma Bonner Elmore, Ruben J. Rocha, Linda Faulk, Leasha West, Maxiann Forbes, Shari-Jayne Boda, Ellen Watts, Diana Bianchi, and Lorrie M. Nixon.

Also Charlisa E. Delancy-Cash, Carol Caffey, Barbara Watson, Nancy J. Haberstich, Mary Duggan, Rachel A. Kowalski, Joel Bloom, Carla Parvin, LC Plaunt, Steve Sponseller, Diane Kurzava, Holly Pitas, Corynne Stickley, Tara Kachaturoff, Mary Choo, Letitia Hicks, Karen Hannon, Susan Hayes, Debbie Bolton, Metka Lebar, Rocky Henriques, Donna Mogan, Bonita Bandaries, and Maria E Davis.

Also Gregory Hoffmaster, La Wanna G. Parker, Alberta Fredricksen, Dawn Rafferty, Margy Lang, Robyn MacKillop, Audrey Berry, Caroline Ravelo, Brenda Lanigan, Taeko Hayatsu, Clay Morgan, Ingrid Cook, Peggy Lee Hanson, Donna Burgher, LuWanda Ford, Tonia Sample, Julaina Kleist-Corwin, Kit Rosato, and Cherry-Ann Carew.

Also Adrienne Dupree, Anne Domagala, Warren L. Henderson, Jr., Ruth Strebe, Katie De Souza, Gabby De Souza, Suzanne Cousins, Melissa Ellen Penn, J. Russell Burck, Louise Lavergne, and Katrina Oko-Odoi.