Barely Breathing: 10 Secrets to Surviving Loss of Your Child

Barely Breathing: 10 Secrets to Surviving Loss of Your Child

Barely Breathing is an essential and hope-filled guide for grieving parents and those who support them. Drawing from her own experience of losing her daughter Lydia, bestselling author Daphne Bach Greer offers ten secrets to surviving in an easy to follow, thoughtfully written book. Filled with grace and compassion, Greer’s wisdom and secrets are a guiding light for bereaved parents struggling with deep grief.

“When my sweet Lydia died, I had no idea what to do or how to keep living and that was incredibly scary. I was desperate for a guide, a tangible plan to erase my pain. I soon learned that such a thing didn’t exist. I wrote this book to be a guide for others on this path in life. While we can’t erase the loss, we can look through it with eyes of hope.

Are you or someone you know struggling with loss of a child? Child loss has been described as being the most horrific pain we can ever experience.  It’s not something to go through alone.  Please share this to reach those grieving hearts. I truly hope this book will be a healing vessel for many. 💜” — Daphne Bach Greer

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Customer Reviews

A MUST READ FOR GRIEVING PARENTS…Daphne has a way of engaging with her reader by bringing her story of pain, survival, love and faith to life. I felt like she was wrapping her arms around me with her words. Daphne has walked thru the fire and had applicable tools for grieving parents. – WARNER

AMAZING . . . A well written page turner. It is such a fantastic book for those who have lost a child, but also resonates with any parent. Even of you haven’t lost a child, but have a friend or family member who has, it can serve somewhat as a “how to” for family members and friends; how to react, how to talk, how to support, how to be there for those who have lost children. What a WONDERFUL book! — AMAZON CUSTOMER

GREAT BOOK, INCREDIBLE INSIGHTS ON THE SUBJECT OF GRIEF AND LOSS OF A CHILD. . . . A must-read for anyone coping with the loss of a child, struggling with grief, or even someone just trying to support a loved one who had suffered a loss. Daphne’s writing is passionate, heart-felt, and as genuine as it comes. This book is an incredible resource for anyone touched by loss. — AMAZON CUSTOMER

MUST READ. . . . This is a powerfully written book that plants seeds of hope into the brokenhearted. By sharing tools to cope and ways to move through this unspeakable loss, what a blessing this is. Just what I needed. Will absolutely recommend. — GRIEVING MOTHER

VERY COMFORTING. . . . Daphne’s secrets to surviving are spot on. Her writing is real and straight from the heart. Even better is that it’s an easy read. Much appreciated. — SHANED

DEFINITELY WORTH THE READ. . . . This book takes a real look at loss and love, brokenness and healing, and finding hope after tragedy. Recommended for all! — HEART AT HOME