Every Day Joy: A Community Book Project

Every Day Joy: A Community Book Project

Every Day Joy is the next edition in The Community Book Project series, where people come together to submit essays on a particular theme. In a weekend.

The everyday joys described include the subjects of children, pets, nature, travel and, in one case, bacon.  These authors are examples of everyday joy, too. And so are our readers.

Now we share with you the results of that weekend: the inspirational essays, narratives and insights. The intention of this book is to empower and uplift you, too, to be a more joyful being. Thank you for reading—and celebrating—everyday joy!

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Diane Kurzava, Holly Fitzpatrick, Norma Bonner Elmore, Michael E. Bourland, Terri Stovall, Marcelle della Faille, Lindy Schneider, Heidi MillerFord, Paula S Webb, Susie Jumper, Megan SaintMarie, Melissa Ellen Penn, Nicki Steinberger, Michelle Barrial, Angie Mangino, Michell Pulliam, Daphne Bach Greer, Rev. Christopher L. Smith, and Suzanne Alba.

Also, Shona Battersby, Warren L. Henderson, Jr., Leasha West, Ayesha Hilton, Dr. Marilyn Joyce, Ruth McGarry, Graham Wade, Gwyn Goodrow, Kimberly Schramm, David A. Chaumette, Cheryl Major, Sheri Graubert, Cody Wooten, Karen Hannon, Florence R. De Silva, Joyce Blue, Veronica Hollingsworth, Tracy Glass, Judy Morton, Lori R. Winslow, Teresa Miller, Konstantine Kundanis, Sarah-Jane Watson, Debbie Bolton, Gloria HowardSmith, and Andy Anderson.

Also, Judi G. Reid, Jen DG, Margy Lang, Rich Liotta, Kit Rosato, Ruben J. Rocha, Brittany N. Smith, Larisa Sharipova, Julaina Kleist-Corwin, Linda Faulk, LaVerne M. Byrd, Rebecca Brown, Dan Klatt, Shari-Jayne Boda, Michelle Francik, Bonnie Ebsen Jackson, Susan Shatzer, Connie Ragen Green, Lee Startegies, and LuWanda Ford.

Also, Gregory Paul Hoffmaster, Bill McCarthy, Frances O. Thomas, Asha Khalil, Moira Shepard, Alana Mander, Steve Sponseller, Tara Myers, Nicholas Yakima, Courtney Berry, Robyn MacKillop, Nancy J. Haberstich, Donna Burgher, Sally White, Fiona Louise, Katie Weiser, Martin Salama, S. Newman and Michelle Denier.

Also, Mary Anne Strange, Adrienne Dupree, Trina M. Bailey, Kristi Dement, Anne M. Skinner, JoAn Richardson, Helen Leighton Phelps, Lorrie M. Nixon, Tanya McGill Freeman, Jeanine Byers, Elandra Kirsten Meredith, Katie De Souza, Rev J Russell Burck, and Shanley Weston.