Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss of a Child

Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss of a Child

Part of the Grief Diaries series dedicated to offering comfort, company and hope in the aftermath of life’s challenges and losses.

Surviving Loss of a Child shares the poignant stories of 22 bereaved mothers. Covering tender issues such as navigating the holidays, when to sort through our child’s belongings, handling the question about how many children we have, and more, Surviving Loss of a Child is a wonderful source of comfort for all parents who share the unimaginable.

In chapter one, each writer bravely penned the moment when their familiar lives disappeared along with their precious child’s last breath. The writers were then presented with intimate questions pertaining to their loss, and their responses are compiled within the individual chapters. These narrations are unabridged, as every voice is unique.

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Editorial Reviews

STUNNING . . . Grief Diaries treats the reader to a rare combination of candor and fragility through the eyes of the bereaved. Delving into the deepest recesses of the heartbroken, the reader easily identifies with the diverse collection of stories and richly colored threads of profound love that create a stunning read full of comfort and hope. – DR. GLORIA HORSLEY, Founder & President of Open to Hope Foundation

HOPE AND HEALING . . . You are a pioneer in this field and you are breaking the trail for others to find hope and healing. — KRISTI SMITH, Bestselling Author & International Speaker

DEEPLY INTIMATE . . . Grief Diaries is a deeply intimate, authentic collection of narratives that speak to the powerful, often ambiguous, and wide spectrum of emotions that arise from loss. I so appreciate the vulnerability and truth embedded in these stories, which honor and bear witness to the many forms of bereavement that arise in the aftermath of death. — DR. ERICA GOLDBLATT HYATT, Chair of Psychology, Bryn Athyn College