Grief Diaries: Will We Survive?

Part of the award-winning Grief Diaries book series, Will We Survive? offers a unique glimpse into the impact on marriage and relationships following child loss. Fifteen bereaved parents share the struggles they faced in the aftermath including blame, coping differences, intimacy, and more.

I am honored to be a co-author with two amazing women — Lynda Cheldelin Fell and Barbara J Hopkinson.

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Editorial Reviews

WONDERFUL…Grief Diaries is a wonderful computation of stories written by the best of experts, the bereaved themselves. Thank you for building awareness about a topic so near and dear to my heart.” -DR. HEIDI HORSLEY, Adjunct Professor, School of Social Work, Columbia University, Author, Co-Founder of Open to Hope Organization “CRITICALLY IMPORTANT . . . I want to say to Lynda that what you are doing is so critically important. — DR. BERNICE A. KING, Daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King