Synopsis of my Memoir:

Daphne Bach Greer

Living the American dream, I was married with two children, had a challenging and exciting career and led a life void of drama, turmoil and tragedy. Always in control, determined, and independent, I conquered everything life threw my way with confidence until one life altering day. I didn’t receive the dreaded call, I was the call. The call my husband had always been afraid of receiving. Involved in a two vehicle accident with my children on the way to work one summer morning, resulted in a life changing struggle of faith and survival. Upon learning of my daughter’s death, I was broken. My life as I knew it had ended and it had shattered not only my own family but the law enforcement community where my husband and I were firmly ingrained.

How would I survive this? Unable to continue on my own, I was overcome with guilt and regret, not wanting to live another day without my daughter, yet knew I had to be a mother to my surviving son. Angry, bitter and broken, I questioned God’s motives. After no answers came, I realized the only way at survival was through Him. Relying on my childhood foundation of faith, I turned to Him down on my knees, sobbing uncontrollably as I asked for forgiveness and strength to endure the pain and new life I had been given. As reality set in I was overwhelmed with more than I could handle.

God’s timing weaves a golden thread throughout the story making everything come together, allowing the extravagant blessings and beauty He created amidst my loss to be seen, illustrating that He was there all along. It’s a story of enduring faith, love and hope.

Book In Progress