Pawsome Friends: A Community Book Project

Pawsome Friends

Pawsome Friends is the fifth edition in The Community Book Project series, where people come together to write and submit essays on a particular theme under the guidance of USA Today best-selling and award-winning author Donna Kozik.

It describes some of the most precious relationships we have in life—those with our pets.

We are pleased to share the results with you in this book celebrating love: the inspirational essays, narratives and insights. The pieces range from the hilarious to the poignant. If you have loved a pet, you’re sure to love this book.

Thank you for reading—and celebrating—our pets!

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Contributing authors include Gregory Paul Hoffmaster, Teresa A. Castleman, Jewelle Colwell Boldt, Patti Bakewell, Bridget McQueen, Diana Bianchi, Joy Harris, Rich Liotta, Ph.D., Donna Burgher, Darlene Frank, Beth Munro, Mary Alice Long and Nancy J. Haberstich.

Also Tina Nies, Teresa Christian, Barbara A. Johnson, Robyn MacKillop, Don Wall, Dona C. Murphy, Lauren A. Ebbecke, Kathryn Jingling, Chineme Noke, Holly Pitas, Mary Choo, Susan J Walklate, Sarah-Jane Watson, Carol Anne Cooper, Laura Ostrem, Nikki Brown, Donna L Martin, Morgine Jurdan, Lorrie M. Nixon, Maria Falcon, Crystal Rector, Ron Forte, Dragana Dj. Jeremic, John Goodrow, Joe Raab, Elicia Jenson, Angela Boothroyd, Lizbeth Thomas, Mari Kennedy, and Georgia R. Day.

Also Susan Shatzer, Carol Stockall MD, Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff, Marti L. Berger, Roseanney Liu, Margy Lang, Dr. Robert Roper, Anne Elizabeth Perez, Pamela James, Michael E. Bourland, Jerri Shankler, Michelle Barrial, Dawn Eileen Field, Roberta Gold, Bill McCarthy, Desiree Wright, Sheryl Ann Wilson, Daphne Bach Greer, LC Plaunt, Diane Kurzava, Dixie L. Thompson, Thom Thomas, Heidi Miller-Ford, Alma B. Apostol, Karen Leeds, Delia Messing, Ruth McGarry, Shari-Jayne Boda, Lori R Winslow, Melanie G Robinson, Tammy Ennis, Leasha West, Mary Linda Bittle, Tracy Delegarde, Shona Battersby, Michelle D. Lee, Cindy Nolte, and Gwyn Goodrow.

Also Melissa Ellen Penn, Shirley J. Noah, Julaina Kleist-Corwin, P. Jean Rogers, Debbie Bolton, Mary Anne Strange, Asha Khalil, Lori Sweet, Pam Murphy, Sergey Skudaev, Marie A. Levy, Kristine G. Bottone, Barbara Cole, Ph.D., Audrey Humaciu, Geneva L. Carter, Yvonne B Garris, Sharon G. Teed, Shari J Goodwin, Carma Spence, Paula S Webb, Beth Adkins, Cheryl A Major, Melody Heath-Smith, SJ. Clarke, Racquel Dawn, Pat Moore, Danielle Guerin, Michelle Francik, Eileen Joyce Donovan, Holly R Fitzpatrick, Connie Ragen Green, Peggy Lee Hanson, Heather Ritchie, Krystina Kellingley, Faithe F Thomas, Cal A Penn, Angela I. Schutz, Gina-Dianne Harding, Stefanie Jolicoeur, Patti May, Katie De Souza, and Ellen Watts.