Success is Yours!

Success is Yours

A compilation of inspiration and encouragement from my co-authors and I. It was a crazy idea—bring a group of people together to write an inspirational book about success. In a weekend.

A collection of inspirational stories, essays, narratives and insights about success in relationships, career, finances and life. Our intention is this book will empower and uplift you, too, to be your better self and let your success shine.

These authors are success stories in themselves. An easy read, you can’t go wrong with this one.  Very proud that it is now an Amazon best seller!

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Contributing authors include Dan Murray; Norma Bonner Elmore, Ed.D.; Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins; John A. Williams, MSc; Carol Stockall, MD; Shona Battersby; Bonnie D. Hilberer, DTM; Michelle Weidenbenner; Marcelle della Faille; Paula Webb; LaVerne M. Byrd; Viki Stanley-Hutchison; Jennifer Murphy; Hobby Parent; Trisha Faye; Nancy J. Haberstich, RN; Debbie Bolton; Julaina Kleist-Corwin; Janice Henslee; SharonAnn Hamilton; Elandra Kirsten Meredith; Chipo Shambare; Leasha West; and Teresa Abram.

Also contributing are Kimberley Wiggins; Margy Lang; Linda Easthouse; Jacques Soine; Tammy Atchley; Tim C. Star; Natalie Endsley; Peter Wallin; Michelle Denier; Soochen Low;
Sarah-Jane Watson; Fiona-Louise; Anne M. Skinner; Bill McCarthy; Shelly O’Donovan; Donna Burgher; Robyn MacKillop, Ph.D.; Jeanine Byers; Metka Lebar; Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; Irena Kay, M.D.; Donna M. Mogan, Ph.D.; Myrna L. Hill, M.A. LMFT; and Warren L. Henderson, Jr.

Also taking part are Sawsan Abubaker; Karen K. Lowry; Shawn Carroll Morris; Connie Ragen Green; Kelly A. Johnson; Bonnie Ebsen Jackson; Frances O. Thomas, M. Ed.; Peggy Lee Hanson; Lee Startegies; Doria Musaga; Mary Anne Strange; Ellen McNeill; Neil Peet; Katie De Souza; Dr. Joanna Faulk; Veronica Hollingsworth; Kaye Blahak; Daphne Bach Greer; Tara Alexandra; Gregory Paul Hoffmaster; Asha Khalil; Yvonne B. Garris; and Howard Bush.