The Mom Quilt: Stitching together stories of Motherhood, Hope & Love

The Mom Quilt

I am so thankful to be part of an incredible act of philanthropy. Being able to contribute to such a wonderful cause makes my heart overflow. Over 60 wonderful moms and bloggers contributed to make this book, each sharing a special story from their heart about life as mom.

Even though our lives as mom may look very different from one another, there are certain emotions, experiences and most of all love that unites us. We like to envision these things as threads that bind us together in our lives as “mom”. We all play a unique part, and might do motherhood in different ways than those that surround us, but that bond of love makes us not so different after all.

These stories are a reflection of the things we share and the things that make us unique. It is emotional and beautiful, you will likely laugh and cry right along with the authors as they share an authentic glimpse into their lives, struggles, joys and successes.

In addition to being encouraged yourself by this book, 100%  of all proceeds from this book support the Mercy House in Kenya. The first few months the book contributed to raising money for a water well there. Since that goal has been achieved, all proceeds going forward are still supporting the Mercy House in various was throughout the year.

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What a fantastic book. Real stories as told by real mothers, and all proceeds benefit mothers and their babies in Kenya! Mercy House is a fantastic ministry to support. I truly enjoyed this book. — Kelly Bingham

I had the honor of contributing one of the essays to this collection. But, even beyond my personal involvement, this book is incredible. The essays are wide-ranging and relatable. This is a wonderful gift for any mom in your life – new or old – who needs laughter and encouragement on this journey. One of the coolest things about this book? All proceeds go to Mercy House Global, which benefits mothers around the world. — Annie Rim