Hi, I’m Daphne. I’m a blessed mother of five (4 and an angel) and wife to my hardworking husband. After a long career in law enforcement and after losing my daughter, I’m proud to say that now I work from home writing, blogging, and running a non-profit in memory of my daughter.


Five years ago, my husband and I lost our firstborn child, 5-year-old daughter Lydia, in a car accident. Our world, as we knew it, had ended.

After coming to terms with my loss and using the healing power of faith and time to our advantage, the clouds have parted and the sun is able to shine again.  Everyone, whether a bereaved parent, sibling, or spouse, son or daughter, wants their loved one to be remembered, and are eager to show the world what an impact their legacy has created on humanity.

Over the past couple of years, it has come to my attention, the many great organizations, books, blogs, authors, websites, businesses, memorials, and more that have been created in memory of loved ones.   Some of these are well-known, some known very little, but nonetheless, all are of utmost importance, because, they would never have come to existence, if it were not for the loss of their loved ones.

Tired of the dark side of loss, this blog was created to bring attention to the lighter side of grief, by recognizing the positive things that come from losing loved ones.  So many incredible things have been created simply, because someone lived.   BECAUSE THEY LIVED! It’s time to celebrate life and live with purpose while inspiring others as we walk together in this journey.  Walk with us a few times a week as we highlight incredible people doing extraordinary things.  Won’t you join us?

ps theres hope

It is our goal to:

  •  Instill a mustard seed of hope in those who are newly bereaved and in their deepest darkest grief, by recognizing those incredible bereaved parents, siblings, spouses, and families, who have paved the road before them, as they inspire and demonstrate strength by dedicating their lives to helping others as a result of their own loss.
  • Tell the world about those that lived, what their legacy has done to impact others
  • Bring awareness to communities about what a difference hope can bring
  • Provide hope, inspiration, and learn about the goodness in the world created by the strength of amazing people during the hardest times of their life

At least twice per week we will highlight incredible people  who are inspirations to us all, as they have used their loss to help others and provide hope.

If you know of a beautiful someone or something created out of  loss, please let us know so we can spread the word!  Leave no stone untouched, as the smallest things can make the biggest impact.

Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Please subscribe to our blog and share it with friends. Thanks for visiting!

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