A few weeks ago, I came across this inspiring mother who was on a quest to raise money for her son’s cause.  Melissa Haskett of Wasaga Beach, Canada, lost her nine-year old son, Zack after he drowned in July of 2012.

A heartbreaking loss, yet what a positive way to give back and provide an opportunity for other children to get these essential life lessons as well as to help prevent future tragedies.

To help with her grief, Melissa started making bracelets when she couldn’t sleep which eventually let to spearheading a great cause. She is now selling the bracelets to pay for swimming lessons at the Wasaga Beach YMCA for kids who can’t afford them.

Follow her on Facebook at:

Zack’s Bracelets 4 swimming lessons

 It’s people like Melissa that give the rest of us courage to move forward.  Sometimes, a glimmer of hope is all we need to plant the seed of change that can impact others.

zahs image

Read more: http://barrie.ctvnews.ca/a-wasaga-beach-mom-is-creating-a-legacy-for-her-drowned-son-1.1431145#ixzz2hjSgOq00


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