I often lay and watch my children sleep,  wondering how did I get so lucky?  Why did God choose me to be their mother and be able to experience this never-ending love?  The blessings are endless. Someone once asked me, if I had to do it all over again, knowing that I would only have Lydia for a few years, would I have chosen to take this path, or not have gone down it at all? I didn’t hesitate one moment, knowing without a doubt, I would do it over in an instant. I would give anything to be her mother.  She changed my life in ways I never could have imagined and continues to do so. It’s an intriguing question to ponder. Is the pain of losing our loved ones so excruciating that we would rather not have known them at all? Yet, there are miraculous things that evolve because of a life and without them, the world would be entirely different. If we are not touched by a life changing event, we may never know the impact that a life can have.  There are so many people touching lives, long after they are here.  Simply amazing.

Today we are recognizing a woman who has helped thousands of people rebuild their lives after the face of tragedy.  Her name is Taryn Davis.

Check out what she has done after losing her husband in the military.

This organization is run by widows for widows. Go to  www.americanwidowproject.org   to read about their incredible strength, inspiring stories and how they are helping rebuild the lives of widows across the nation.  It’s one that will surely pull your heartstrings in a good way. The AWP has received numerous awards and recognition for the inspiring work they do and it is well deserved.

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