Happy Monday!  Can you think of a better way to start off your week other than with cup of inspiration?   This should be a requirement,  something that goes hand in hand with our daily coffee.  Inspiration and hope help shape our attitudes and mindset for the days to come.  In today’s fast paced life, it’s easy to lose focus on what really matters.   We have so much to be thankful for in life and it is sometimes difficult to remember the importance of being content with our circumstances and be generous to others.  Since my daughter passed away, I find myself trying to imagine what other people are going through, mentally walking in their shoes.  It has given me a new sense of compassion for others despite their circumstances. Everyone is facing some type of struggle, whether on the outside or in. All it takes is a walk in someone else’s shoes, to gain an entirely new perspective on life.

Today’s inspiration is about a little girl and her parents who faced many struggles.  Their courage and strength is something to be admired by us all. I smile every time I hear about these incredible people that you are about to meet.   In the aftermath of loss, these parents and supporters have used their experience and energy into creating a magical world for those beautiful little souls battling cancer and other serious illnesses.

The Chelsea Hicks Foundation was founded in 2009, in memory of Chelsea Hicks, a five year old little girl who grew her angel wings due to a battle with cancer.  This uplifting group of people and organization brings happiness and nothing but smiles to the children of Dorenbecher Children’s Hospital and Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, as they serve nearly  900 children every year.


Each month, Chelsea’s Closet arrives at the hospitals eager to celebrate the children.  The children are given the opportunity to choose a new costume and join in a parade through the hallways, escaping to an enchanted and captivating world, forgetting their struggles for a brief moment in time.  They share treats, crafts, as well as laughter and smiles.   For the children and their parents, this is priceless  and creates memories that will last a forever.

Chelsea’s legacy of happiness will live on providing a unique memories and a lasting experience.  What a wonderful place to volunteer at!  A small effort on our part could make an everlasting impact on these brave children and families. Visit them at Chelseahicksfoundation.com  today!


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