Who doesn’t love a great party?  The majority of us love parties, especially on our birthday.  bday image

Imagine not having enough money to buy your child a birthday gift,  let alone be able to afford a birthday party. What would you do? Who would you go to for help? Unfortunately, this is a common reality many people live with these days due to hard economic times.

Remarkably,  a family in Bend, Oregon has given hope to thousands of local parents struggling to provide those birthday celebrations that every little life so deserves.

Since their inception, Devin’s Destiny has provided birthday parties for well over  500 children. Incredible!

Imagine the smiles on all these children as they enjoy a celebration in their honor, despite their circumstances. What a ray of hope Devin and his family have created, helping children and families celebrate milestones and providing lasting memories.

Check out this video and wonderful tribute to Devin.


www.devinsdestiny.org– pay them a visit!

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