Remembering Megan……inspirational way to honor her and reach out to others. Sometimes the smallest gestures make the biggest impact…

Good Grief Cook

For MeghanMy fondest memory of Meghan is of the day she gave me a little piano concert. She was in middle school at the time and enjoyed playing. We had an old piano that was just collecting dust in our house, so we gave it to Meghan. The concert was her way of saying thank you.  As I sat and listened with her mom, Eileen, we all couldn’t stop smiling. It was a sweeter time.

It’s a very sad day. It’s tragic, horrific and just unbelievable. My friend, Rich, lost his only child, a 21 year old daughter, in a hit & run car accident yesterday. Meghan was standing in a parking lot and the soul-less person who hit her left her to die. So hard to wrap my brain around this kind of act. So hard to accept that she will never play that piano again.

Meghan lost her mom…

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