I was planning on taking things in order, at least somewhat. However, that’s just not realistic. I’ve learned that life rarely goes as planned and tomorrow is never guaranteed.. So, I will share what feels right in the moment.  This story just speaks “happiness” to me and is one of my favorites.       

My kids and I have gotten attached to watching the Treehouse Masters show on Animal Planet. Have you seen it? It’s a great show that will keep your interest. They build incredible tree houses of many dimensions all over the US.

Every child dreams of a treehouse. In some ways, it’s like a childhood right of passage to have one.  In a recent episode of Treehouse Masters, a family from Ohio was highlighted who’s loss has given new hope for many.  I really love what they have done.

Loss is very humbling. We could never imagine what loss is like until we experience it first hand and then we are forever changed.  Leaving a life we once knew and being forced to endure a lonely unknown future, I believe God is at work in grieving families planting seeds of hope while giving them the ability to find peace, purpose, and meaning in their new lives.

http://cornerstoneofhope.org/page/the-tripodis-story  Check them out

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