Being a mother of five (four and an angel), there is never a dull moment in my household.

No one would believe what a typical day consists of in my life, so I thought I would share a few moments of my usual day.

I awoke Sunday morning to  my three-year old daughter Sadie, arguing and playing tug of war over a pink hanger with her older brother.  She was protecting the pink plastic object like it was the last piece of candy on earth.

Really, over a hanger? Yes, that’s what kids do, I suppose.  I diffused the situation, went about my business, and just when I thought things couldn’t get much better….

I walked into the kitchen, to see four-year old  Andrew standing on the table just about to fall as he is trying to reach his brothers candy stash up on a shelf , while little one year old Johnny came waddling from the bathroom, his pajamas soaking wet from playing in the toilet.

And it wasn’t even 7 AM!  I was  scared to get in the shower, not knowing what  shape my house and kids would be in when I got out.  

Desperate for that shower, I worked up the courage to take a quick one, leaving my 9-year-old to keep watch.

After my severely brief reprieve,  I got out just in time to see Sadie flying through the house complete with a unicorn pony hairdo with wings attached to her back.  Meanwhile, baby John was ravaging through the garbage  and emerged chewing on the broken leg of a Barbie as if it were a satisfying drumstick.

Was this really happening? I couldn’t help but laugh with exhaustion. Keeping up with these kids brings such spontaneity and patience, not to mention energy (that I always seem to be lacking)!   I know someday I will look back on these chaotic days and miss them immensely.

kids at campAfter things got settled down, my mind shifted back as I remembered my life just five short years earlier, when I  was in a different world.

In addition to having the perfect family, complete with a husband, son and daughter, I was living the American dream with a great career.

It was a beautiful, crisp July morning. Lydia and I had just returned two days earlier from several weeks stay with my father, who was severely ill.  Eager to see her friends at preschool, we got back in our routine, hopped in the car and were on our way.  Then suddenly, a few miles down the road, our lives would forever change.

Lydia, my firstborn, was taken from me in an instant. The accident would leave my son was unscathed, and I was left with an only child and an unbearable life of grief and guilt.  lydia3

For the months following, the terrifying silence was heart wrenching.

Little did I know the life God would have in store for me. Ten months later, I went from the pain and struggles with my son, to being blessed with another son.  Before I knew it,  then came baby number four and five shortly thereafter. A little over four years later, my family was complete and my hectic days with four children on earth began.

These surprise blessings from God were welcome with open arms and helped give me a new purpose in life.  I have learned what a gift life is, how life can change in a mere second, and how incredibly precious children are.

Today as I begin my day and start to get a bit agitated, with two little ones pretending to be dogs, barking and biting at my legs as I try to get dressed, I take a deep breath, remember and count my blessings.

For now, I will shower them with attention and the  never-ending love they so deserve, while embracing the craziness and silly moments.

Between fighting over baby dolls,  markers on the wall and nail polish on the floor, there’s not much to do but treasure the moments and chaos that accompanies a large family.

This evening, I am quietlyreminded that no matter what comes my way, I can handle it. God is with me and I’m so thankful that He chose me to be their mother.

8 thoughts on “Coat Hangers, Barbie Legs, and Laughs

  1. I found your blog on the Share Your WordPress Blog facebook group. I cannot imagine the pain of a parent who has lost a child, so my heart is with you. I did giggle at your description of your morning, however…as a mom of 2, I can definitely identify. Bless you and your little ones!

    1. Mothershood is so priceless isn’t it! Thanks so much for stopping by. So many new blogs I want to check out, yet I just need more time to read! Looking forward to visiting yours!

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