This last week kicked off with me washing an entire package of crayons in the washer and not noticing it until I retrieved the clothes from the dryer.  It was awful.  We now have multi-colored spotted shirts, towels, socks, and more. I never have been much of domestic princess so to speak, so needless to say, those stains are here to stay. Sorry my dear family.

Later in the week, early one morning, I found that my daughter had decided to give her two brothers pedicures. Nail polish coated their feet, hands, and even parts of little baby’s cheeks. The trio, sitting on the floor, seemed to cover every spectrum of the rainbow, experimenting with the world of color on their limbs as well as the rug, all while grinning from ear to ear.

“No!” I thought, trying to suppress my frustration, while really wanting to scream. I took a deep breath, and then the clean up began. It was a great way to start the day, but little did I know, it was only going to get better.

As I began to cook breakfast my two littlest ones quietly disappeared.  After calling for them with no reply, I searched to ultimately find my daughter attempting to go to the bathroom standing up while baby splashed joyfully in the toilet. Trying not to laugh, I had to explain to her for what seemed like the millionth time how girls and boys are different. She wanted to debate and eventually replied, “But my brothers do it.”   Raising a girl amidst three boys, is no easy feat. Boy do I have my work cut out for me.

Shortly thereafter, I put a load of clothes in washing machine.  After exiting the laundry room a few minutes later, I came into the living room to find that my mischievous daughter had now torn into a package of macaroni and cheese and was proceeding to dip her fingers in the cheese powder and eat it, like it was some kind of lick a stick candy…Gross! No clue where she gets these impulsive little ideas.

The week eventually got better,yet when I sat down to my computer, not realizing I was in a hazard zone, I suddenly received a painful blow to the head. The little guy pegged me with the TV remote right in the side of the head. It was all I could do not to cry from sheer exhaustion of the week. Just ten minutes of quiet was all I wanted.  Was that too much to ask?   From hair pulling to flying remotes and experimenting with not so nice language, my little ones constantly tested boundaries this week.  Yep, sometimes you just have to realize that it is too much to ask and just roll with the punches, or pain in my case!  These critters are so much fun!

kids at ranch
What’s not to love?

In addition to the crazy chaos, something remarkable has happened as well.  I was going to save it solely for my book, but it was so incredible I just had to share.

As you may know, our house hunt has been on for about a year, but seriously on the past three months.  We have looked at so many homes, it’s been hard to keep track.  None really grabbed my attention, giving that immediate feeling of “this is the one.”

From ones that were brand new, to older and much smaller, including lots and acreage, we left no stone unturned.  However, recently we became aware of a familiar house that was for sale.  This house was a pillar of my childhood memories.  The summers I spent with my grandmother during my most influential years were irreplaceable and unforgettable.

We went to look at the house my grandparents sold in the early 90’s after living there for over 20 years, now for sale from a different owner.  It was a surreal experience as I walked through that old screen door. Hard to believe it had been nearly 20 years since I had been there.  The memories came flooding back to me as I entered.  Helping grandma do the laundry and hanging clothing one by one on the clothesline out back, was one of my favorites. The smell of fresh linen remains firmly implanted in my heart.

Memories of family gatherings on the deck out back, riding the horses in the pasture and growing my 4-H lambs consumed my thoughts. I had spent hours of fun in the spacious green grass, sitting at the bar in the kitchen eating with my cousins, as well as all the numerous holiday and birthday celebrations in this beautiful place. These very walls have held generations of family, including great grandparents, and old friends that I remember so vividly. It was so cool to realize that many of my family members, now in Heaven, walked these very same floors and shared the same memories.

The old farmhouse looked the same on the outside, yet some parts on the inside had been remodeled with a more modern taste. The basement remained nearly exactly the way I remembered it, even the linoleum and flooring was intact with the same memories I had of that large fun space.

After viewing the inside, we walked around the yard, thoughts of laying on the shed in sleeping bags, cuddled with my cousins excitedly as we watched the old drive in movie from a distance on those hot summer nights, brought a smile to my face.

We toured the lawn, sheds, pump house, pasture, and made our way to the garage. The garage used to house that silly old red boat of a car my grandma drove. We stepped inside the back door of the garage, when I noticed a picture of sorts on the floor. While sweeping the dust off with my hand, I looked down and uncovered something I could not believe.


It was a hand print. MY hand print with my name written right next to it in the cement. I must have been about four years old, as it was nearly the size of my son’s hand. I was speechless.  What an incredible feeling.  And, right next to my hand were my two cousins hand prints as well as my brother’s.   We had done this when my grandpa poured the new cement when he added the shop onto the garage.


This was the sign I had been waiting for.  Seeing this, gave me that confirmation that I needed that this was the right place for us.  Could God have been clearer? Leading us to this house while closing the doors on others. The timing, in that it was for sale right when we were looking and utterly exhausted of the extensive search for the perfect house, was unfathomable. proverbs

Well, the seller accepted our offer and we couldn’t be more thrilled. I guess there was a reason afterall that those rentals never worked out. God had bigger plans for us.  We held on with patience and faith that God would lead us where we were meant to be.  The place where I had grown up was now going to be ours. So excited, that I am already unpacking in my mind and decorating the walls with our own memories. God is so good!

8 thoughts on “God’s Timing and the Joy of Mischievous Children

    1. So true! Raising kids is a wild but rewarding adventure! There is always something to learn from them. Thank you for stopping by my blog and letting me know about yours! Love how positive your blog is..

      1. Thanks Daphne!! I cannot wait to read more from you. Hope you will stop by again soon! -Angelia

    1. Hi Brenda. Thanks so much for reading my blog. It’s just amazing what a little faith and trust will do! God works in mysterious and amazing ways..Hope you are well! 🙂

  1. That was a sign for sure that the house was meant for you and your brood! ♥ LOVE that you found were you need to and are supposed to be! ♥ ya!

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