The Untold Secret About Making Your Teen’s Lunch: Because There’s So Much More Than Food Inside That Brown Bag

There’s so much pressure from the world these days for teens to make their own lunch which many believe will miraculously transform them into responsible, grateful human beings. Yeah, I beg to differ on that one.  What fairy tale are they living in? While I do believe it is very important to instill responsibility in… Read More

Independence Day Pastimes-Riding the Grief Waves

Sharing again, a post I wrote two years ago…. July. It’s here. Bittersweet. It’s a sweet month for our nation, one in which we should all give thanks.  Yet on the other hand, for me, its sharpness once again caught me by surprise, saturating my soul and wetting my face with the painful sting of… Read More

Finding Hidden Blessings While Reminiscing Down Roads of Years Past

Life the past few weeks has been a bit chaotic, so I guess normal you could say! I’ve been working on a few projects and tending to my herd, so writing has taken a backseat yet again. I’ve fallen behind but all I can do, is simply all I can do. Here are a few… Read More

Perfectly Imperfect!

I’ve been working on some blog posts, but it has definitely been challenging to finish them due to the crazy days I experience. I’m also trying to pack for our trip tomorrow, but with no success.  Here’s a snapshot into today which is just like any normal day! It started early in the morning…got out… Read More

Learning To Recognize Joy In Chaos

First, a glimpse into my life yesterday evening.. It started with two little ones giggling loudly while running laps around house in their underwear. Another was riding Clarke the stick horse rapidly in circles and the redhead was holding a pink stuffed dog chasing the kid on the horse while barking. Then, I heard a… Read More

The Wonder of Wildlife and Pink Nailpolish

I have taken a few days off writing and taken advantage of this spectacular place I call home. With my children being spoiled by grandma for the day, I embarked on a much-needed outing and break.  Surrounded by abundant wildlife, I must admit, it’s pretty awesome.  Heading out to the desert and mountains for the… Read More