Amazing & beautiful words for us all to remember. Sometimes all it takes is the powerful words from a stranger to give us hope.

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The letter has not only touched the homeowners, but others impacted by the San Diego Fires.

A family in Carlsbad that lost their dream home in the San Diego area fires this week found something in the rubble that they never expected: a letter of hope left by a total stranger encouraging the family not to give up and to rise from the ashes.

The piece of paper – 189 words signed only with the letters “GB” – was anonymously left behind, taped to a shovel standing in the charred front yard of a home reduced to rubble.

Anya Bannish

“We cannot escape the tragedies that arise in our lives,” the letter begins.

The words that follow get more poignant with each sentence.

That simple letter, left in the wake of so much destruction, meant the world to the owner of that home, Bob Payne, and his family.

His daughter, Anya Bannish…

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