We finally arrived home yesterday after a few days on the road. I thought I would share some thoughts that have brought smiles to my face recently, as I remembered the long journey I have been on.

When she was less than a day old, he appeared at the foot of my hospital bed with a large box in tow.  I sat holding Lydia in my arms, vaguely able to grasp what had just happened, as I gazed down at this little life I had just been given.  He was grinning from ear to ear, bearing gifts, eager to celebrate with us.  You see, he was also a new father and knew all too well the value of the gift we had received.

For the next few years, our children would be near the same age, reach childhood milestones together, and have endless smiles as they explored the world. It was wonderful to share this new adventure with friends.

Yet, then suddenly after five years of life, my Lydia died.  It wasn’t fair; it wasn’t right. Since then, I have watched as a spectator with envy, as your children grow up, silently envisioning what my daughter would look like. I would sit quietly yearning to hear her sweet voice and her infectious laugh one last time. What I would give to see her smile and dance around the room.


Now, I see your beautiful children so grown and how blessed you are.

You know first hand the joys of parenthood and the deep love that comes along, yet you remembered what our family had gone through.  You were different; different from so many others who really had no idea.  But you got it.

In those early months of heartbreaking silence, you remembered.  We received a few rare calls checking to see how we were doing, yet you did so frequently.  You remembered.

You took the time when the rest of the world kept going and ours came to a screeching halt. You remembered.

Year after year, I was overcome with sadness as her birthday drew near, yet you remembered.

On the dark and lonely days when her anniversary would come, you remembered.

Never afraid to speak her name, you did so proudly filling a much-needed void deep inside me.

You cared enough to bring a colorful rainbow of flowersflowers and were eager visit her graveside after nearly six years.

You still remembered.

Acts so seemingly simple, yet profoundly impactful made a deep impression in my heart amidst my bittersweet tears.

You will never know just how much it means to a parent like me,  that you remembered.

I cannot thank you enough. Your compassion speaks volumes and you will always hold a special place in my heart. Now, I will remember.


2 thoughts on “You Remembered

  1. Lovely dear Daphne. I’m forwarding to Mom so you’ll be able to add her address to you mailing list. Auntie M’

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