This week on the Sweeter Side comes quite a story from a young man who has become a blessing to so many after enduring heartbreak and loss.

Ever wonder what or who college students turn to when they suffer the loss of a loved one?  Many alone in their grief as they are away from home have found comfort in an organization targeted to meet the specific needs of these young adults.

The National Students of AMF Support Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one.

national students grief ass.

Founded by David Fajgenbaum after the illness and loss of his mother in 2004 while away at college, David organized and began a group for college students who also had suffered an ill parent or the loss of a loved one.   He called the group Students of AMF, which was also an acronym for his mom (Anne Marie Fajgenbaum) and Ailing Mothers and Fathers.

It wasn’t long before David’s small group students rapidly expanded into a network involving over 400 members alone in his college town, spreading quickly to more than 200 campuses nationwide. At the present time there are Students of AMF chapters all over the United States with new chapters being created frequently.

 The mission of the National Students of AMF Support Network is quite simple,“to support college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one.”   This peer-to-peer support network provides opportunities for students to share their experiences, stories and most importantly their loved ones.

From service projects to give back in memory of their loved ones, to support groups, meetings,and grief resources, the National Students of AMF Support Network is here to help, guide, and support students enduring painful grief and loss.

Never heard of them? I personally, had no idea that an organization like this even existed. However, after finding and learning more about it, I am so thankful and admire the strength of these brave and compassionate people to provide services where there is a need.

What a remarkable young man who has brought the topic of grief to a whole new light as he has provided an avenue of hope and healing to others, making it known that they are not alone.

Thank you David for what have done for others walking your similar path and finding the sweeter side as you have given such a gift to others.

A must have resource for those away at school.  Share and spread the news!

There’s so much more to tell. Please visit for more details!


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