Success Is Yours- Launch Day!!

I’ve been busy lately doing so much it has been hard to keep track!  Do you ever have those days or weeks?  I’m ready for some relaxation, but I just had to tell you about a cool new release before the weekend arrives. Today, I wanted to share with you an exciting little project I… Read More

Thanksgiving Blessings-Reflections From A Mom Who Lost, Yet Won

It was November 27, 2002 and the clock had just turned past midnight. After a rigorous 24 hours of labor and nearly missing an emergency C-section, early this Wednesday morning my beautiful daughter Lydia Marie was born, weighing 8lbs 2 oz. and covered in a full head of dark hair.  Heavily medicated and exhausted, I couldn’t believe… Read More

Spirit Filled Easter

Sharing my post from last year…Love this time of year… With Easter right around the corner, I can’t help but think of my last Easter with Lydia. We had always enjoyed the sunrise service in the middle of the desert.   There’s nothing quite like getting up at 4 AM, throwing the kids in the car,… Read More

How A Zebra Changed My Life-(Can Animals Really Help Your Grief?)

Reposting one of my favorites…. So, why you ask, does that odd and quirky lady always have that pesky yet adorable little dog in tow? While it can be a bit annoying and distracting, many fail to imagine a purpose for such a thing. Well, let me introduce you to Marty….Marty my little Yorkie dog… Read More

Forever In Our Hearts on Valentine’s Day and Every Other

Sharing one of my favorite pieces of love that Lydia made me.  This one has extra special meaning and came to me during a moment when I least expected it. Below is an excerpt from my story in the book Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories of Survival, by Nancy B. Kennedy.  Remembering our… Read More

Blessings and Book Giveaways!

Work and kids have kept me extremely busy these past two weeks, leaving little time for doing what I enjoy, writing and reading. Oh well, that’s life for you. I consider it a great blessing to be able to have a job and a wonderful family to care for, although it’s not always easy!  Lately, I’ve… Read More