I’m so blessed to share some poems about grief from the beautiful Julia at autismthoughts.wordpress.com…..Thank you for sharing your heart and loving words.
In Loving Memory
You may seem gone, but you’re still here.
I feel you in my heart.
My love for you will always live.
Your memory stays near.
And though your soul may be in heaven
And your body laid to rest,
I know your heart stays here with me,
The one who loved you best.
So go have fun up where you’ll fly
And save a spot for me
I know that I must stay a while,
Until my time has come.
So until then, please help me live
Help me be happy here
And be my angel watching me
Until I’m back with you.
I never met you, I wish I had.
I never even knew your dad.
Your mother says you were strong, but small.
Still I wish I’d known you at all.
I wish I held your little hand.
I wish you would have lived to stand.
I wish I saw your little face.
But in my heart, you hold a place.
I think of you sometimes at night,
How your soul just took to flight.
I guess you couldn’t stick around.
Maybe it’s better you never learned to frown.
Maybe you’re happier where you are.
Maybe you even have a favorite star.
I guess I won’t know till I meet you someday.
So in this world I’ll have to stay,
Until the day when it’s time to meet you.
That day sometimes seems so far from my view.
But your mother and I will do our best.
We’ll try hard to ace this test.
And one day when I meet you at last,
I’ll forget the pain of the past.
I’ll hold you close because I never got to
And I’ll finally meet the nephew I never knew.

Julia    –autismthoughts.wordpress.com


*I would love to hear from more of you and share your words on my blog. You never know the power of words.  For they could make a difference and change a life when we least expect it.

7 thoughts on “Guest Post – Poems From The Heart

  1. I love this idea as well the opportunity you are giving for us to.share with you. I submitted a poem to The Grief Toolbox last year titled ‘I Remember You’ that has been viewed & circulated mainly through facebook. It was/is the first piece I was compelled & inspired to write since the deaths of my fiancé Steven & our lil baby love Baby Sabrowske one week prior to the day Baby S. were to be two years’ old & I celebrated it with a public (facebook) event. Thinking about that Sweet Celebration Day…the words came together easily…pretty much overnight. I know it was through their love.

    Glen has actually surprised me (twice) by sharing it again at random & leaving me speechless when I saw it in my feed, I was surprised to see it in my News Feed once again for the third time just last week. Here is the direct link to that post on their public facebook community page, Once you click on it, it will take you to his website. You shouldn’t have any trouble reading it but if you do, let me know…

  2. Wonderful – thank you! I am truly honored & will be on the watch of your share! Again, thank you!!!

    I continue to listen in the silence as my Steven & our baby are my beautiful guide, my strength. They are always there for me when I need/reach for them (& even when I don’t think I do). They continue to find ways to communicate with me in ways only they can >>> a comfort like nothing else. Magical…

    They have not only inspired this poem & my You are always in my Heart blog on WordPress, but also two pages on facebook…Steven J. Sabrowske Sr. (Remembered) & Celebrate in UNITY which is an online tribute celebration. As well as also inspiring a closed group for the loss of a fiancé titled FLIGHT (Fiancés lost in grief heal TOGETHER).

    1. Oh absolutely. I love hearing about incredibly strong people like yourself who are making a difference and sharing their journey while remembering their loved ones. You are a beautiful person. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for saying that! I would like to believe I do help others with what my losses have inspired. I used to struggle in believing being told I was strong, no longer. You would be sickened if you knew even some of what I have had to endure (alone). Celebrate in UNITY all began when my losses first inspired this tribute & I made vague mention of what I planned to do on this day on facebook, A friend asked if I would mind if they could be remembered along with Steven & Baby Sabrowske, which pretty much left me speechless. I was honored to pay tribute to their loss along with mine & decided to create a facebook event. Through tears, I could hardly believe that over 50 others joined us for our very first celebration. It was then that I created the community page & am so very thankful to each & every person for their love. I continue to be amazed at how my outreach touches others worldwide whereas we are not sponsored, we do not pay to advertise or buy likes. I am so touched in the genuine love that pours in worldwide & for all those that have joined us, supported us, genuinely cared & kindly shared. This includes my blog as well. I allow the love to guide!

    1. This is beautiful.. We have no clue what we are capable of until we are face to face with it. You have done so much for others and are an inspiration. Blessings to you.

  4. Aw – your words touch me deeply. You are so kind – thank you! And yes, I certainly agree. Adversity & grief >>> FABULOUS (& heartbreaking) teachers!

    FYI~If you are on facebook, I will be posting a SHARE status off my Celebrate in UNITY page at some point tomorrow giving others the opportunity to share their websites if you would like to stop by & share your blog with us. It will probably be around noon. If not, I understand & just want to say it has been wonderful speaking with you.

    Hope to see you…

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