Beautifully written post about how we can find purpose in our pain. Thank you for such words of hope that we all could benefit from reading.

amazed by grace

My heart is so heavy.

This past month, a mother lost her son..

an adult son lost his father..

a mother of two young boys lost their husband and father.

These are all people who I am close to. It seems like each way I turn, people I care about are being surrounded by giants of heartache, loss, sorrow and suffering. I wish I had the power to slay them all and bury them in the field of forgottenness, leaving only the joy of happy memories.

But I know that there is a purpose in pain.

The trials, heartaches, sorrow in this life are inevitable; there is no escaping the torrent of their coming. Yet, I have to remember that there is a reason and meaning that many times can not be seen through the clouds of present grieving.

Pain and sorrow are among the instruments the Lord uses to…

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