So Friday night was movie night at my house, complete with buttered popcorn and pizza!  After a long week, it was time to unwind, relax, and unplug… And what did we watch?  Well, the kids wavered from Power Rangers to Pipi Longstocking and Flubber, so we ended up with Mom’s Night Out..?!

I’m beginning to like this tradition on Friday nights. I’m a fan of viewing movies I haven’t seen before and the past couple months we have watched several great family movies that have portrayed powerful messages.

Interestingly enough as the movie unfolded, I felt the uncomfortable feeling as I realized I was watching a movie about myself.    A mother of multiple children, who loves her family immensely, yet seems to be at her wit’s end and nearing the point of no return.  Stressing and unable breath, she was an emotional wreck as the mounting responsibilities and chaos wreak havoc in her life and in her household.  Trading one mess for another day in and day out, takes its toll on her.  Drawings on the wall, spilled milk, food and toys occupy the house which now has a striking resemblance to the landfill!  A mommy blogger wanting to write her passions and inner thoughts and share with the world but gaining an audience had proved to be a disaster and fueled her image of self-doubt.     good moms have

With anticipation, I watched as this “mom” tried to enjoy her night out with girlfriends, as I could absolute relate to what she was feeling.  The panicked call from her husband and the underlying guilt that reared its ugly head before she’s even left, contributed to the uneasy and unfamiliar and difficult feeling of a mother exploring the world without having to tend to the children hanging off her pant legs.

It fit my life so completely, it was frightening…MOMS NIGHT OUT….Sounds fun, yet it was not the relaxing night out she had envisioned as the night was full of chaos, disasters, stress, and turmoil accompanied by obnoxious children.

It was only after a chance meeting with a biker with a wise old soul that she realized what really mattered. It wasn’t her children or family who was to blame for her unhappiness; it was her perception of her life. Things didn’t need to be perfect and neither did she.  She just needed to do something for herself.  Rejuvenated after she had regained control, she found she did have a story to tell, and was given the words to share that others wanted to hear. She then knew she was enough. God loved her for being her unique self; despite all her imperfections.  We are all special in His eyes.

never be afraid

So, what’s the familiar moral of the story that we all tend to forget at times.  Appreciate the simple things. Embrace the silliness, the incessant interruptions from little mouths eager to tell of their simple accomplishments, the loudness of the laughs and screams, the milestones of childhood, the stresses and business of life, the good and the bad, for it won’t be like that forever.  They are just moments that will be gone before we know it and once they’re gone, we will never get them back.

Loved this movie for reminding me what really matters… Secretly, I’m wondering why we chose this movie…I think He knew I needed a reminder.

So can anyone else relate or am I the only crazy mom out there?!    🙂

children watching

4 thoughts on “Aha Moments and The Little Things In Life

  1. Being a single mother, there were so many times when Mr. T was younger that it was just easier NOT to go out! Fortunately, once he got older, it was easier to tell that space was good for both of us, and I was able to develop a life 🙂

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