The day started off normal as I jumped in the car on the way to work, tossed my purse in the passenger seat and started the car. I glanced over as something orange caught my eye when I realized I had just thrown my purse onto a pan of orange frosted cupcakes. Yep, I forgot they were there!  In trying to clean it up, there was no towel in sight. Improvising and in a hurry, I had use the first thing I saw; my daughters tights which I found on the floorboard of the back seat!    cupcakes

Of course my car was a bit on the messy side (inside and out) after a week of hunting. It was even covered with a fresh dirt paint job. (I promise I will get to cleaning it this weekend!)  After work, it got better as I came home to a house full of kiddos, went to the bathroom and experienced first hand what happens when a child forgets to lift the toilet seat! It was awful and just added to the ridiculous events of a typical day in my life!   cupcakesoragne

I’ve been so wrapped up in hunting season and enjoying the beautiful outdoors, it wasn’t until now I realized that the week had passed me by!  Guess I should have planned better. Oops!  Here’s some pictures of some of my favorite places I’ve been this week. The gorgeous scenery makes me appreciate this amazing life I have been given.


sunset 1
Sunset on the high desert

And now, back to the grindstone!  More to come this week. I’ve received a new shipment of books that I will be sharing as I finish them. In addition to working on my own book, I will catch up on the blogs!  So excited.. Blessings to you all.
Beautiful Aspen trees are my favorite!









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