Perfectly Imperfect!

I’ve been working on some blog posts, but it has definitely been challenging to finish them due to the crazy days I experience. I’m also trying to pack for our trip tomorrow, but with no success.  Here’s a snapshot into today which is just like any normal day! It started early in the morning…got out… Read More

Recitals, Ridiculous Kids and Grieving Gumdrops

I’ve been off the air unintentionally for over two weeks now as we’ve completed the daunting yet exciting task of moving, leaving me behind in my blogging. With no internet at the new house and a busy schedule from daylight til dark, the dance card has been full with not a minute wasted. So the… Read More

Unanswered Prayers and Boisterous Boys

The other night, I was given the answer.  An answer I had waited for years earlier, but in time my impatience diminished as I grew to trust God and hope for the best. I was always one to walk the floors in the night concerned for my family’s well-being, and it was not uncommon to… Read More

Morning Madness and Priceless Gifts

  A few days ago, I went to breakfast with my mom and little guy before I went to work …Bad decision…By the time we were done, my hair was decorated with butter highlights as was my black sweater.  Of course this made for entirely appropriate Court attire complete with the sweet scent of pancakes… Read More

The Humbled Family

Another week of constant motion has left little time for writing. I have been ready for some quiet time to just relax. One evening last week, I finally got the chance to escape the kiddos and there was no hesitation before I seized the moment.  After leaving them with my husband, I drove to the… Read More