Yes, I’m on a roll. I love a good book.  I’ve already finished another inspiring read and am working on my next one.

Let me just ask, do you believe in coincidences?  I agree, perhaps there are some.  However, when you take a step back and look at the big picture, many will find that those “coincidences” take on a much deeper meaning. Chance encounters or happenings make you realize that somethings can’t be explained, and thanks to the  work of our creator, he shows us that there’s absolutely no other way.

When your grieving, you will do anything to have explanation and understanding for your loved one passing.  During my early grief, I was numb in a fog, and could not see the light of day. Everything was dark, depressing, and life was over.  Yet now, after six years have passed, that fog has lifted allowing me to see god’s hand in my life and as for those “coincidences,” lets just say there were too many to count.

God can do amazing, mind-blowing things that even the most intellectual and educated people cannot explain or fathom.  Yet when we open our eyes and have a little faith, we are able to experience God’s wonder like never imagined.

And so, I finished reading a book that piqued my interest because of the title.  “No Ordinary Coincidence.”   A book by Donna Salyers.

A mother whose son suddenly passes away as a young man at the age of 19, tells us of her devastation, yet belief in a higher power, as she opened her heart to God.  On her journey of self discovery and following her son’s vision, through friends,  acquaintances as well as revisiting the past and present, God reveals his plan and reason for his timing, allowing her to see the bigger picture.

From people to clothing,to cities, places and divine encounters,the pieces of the puzzle fit together in the end illustrating a road map like no other, leaving you to see that there are indeed, “no ordinary coincidences.”

A wonderful and beautiful telling book that makes you re-evaluate all those coincidences in your life as you realize just what God is capable of.  Feeling that connection from God and your loved one, knowing that He has a purpose and plan for everything, leaves you with a feeling of peace and wholeness.

Thank you Donna, for letting us get to know your handsome son and his big heart.








2 thoughts on “No Ordinary Coincidence-The Sweeter Side

  1. Thank you Daphne for this amazing review. If you are ever in Ohio email me and we will meet for coffee! I would love to hear more about your beautiful daughter Lydia.

    1. Donna, you’re so welcome. I really enjoyed reading it and was so in awe of how God has worked in your life as well as Nicholas’. It’s so incredible how we can see the master plan long after, if we just open our eyes. Wonderful testimony and thank you so much for writing this for the world to read! I would love to have coffee if I’m ever there, and likewise for you if you are ever in Oregon! Much blessings to you!

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