I’m very excited to announce a fabulous Christmas giveaway guaranteed get you in the spirit of the season. It has to do with delicious recipes and wonderful music. Interested? Read on….

I am a lover of recipes as it’s no secret I didn’t inherit the cooking gene from my family. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with incredible culinary skills. Not even satisfactory cooking skills. My attempts at cooking most of the time results in charred courses. Thankfully, I have a husband who always tells me the food tastes good even when the dog turns up her nose.

Last month I nearly burned the house down after attempting to make homemade french fries, and burned a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

No kidding!
No kidding!

burnt cookies

Thus, one of the reasons I am so glad a couple of years I came across a blog that attracted me from first glance. A blog about loss and mouth-watering recipes. The Good Grief Cook Blog. Her recipes have transformed my views on food, improved my kitchen abilities and has encouraged me through this journey of grief and loss.

My friend Lisa, the Good Grief Cook, has so much to offer. Sentimental, emotional, raw, insightful, life changing stories paired with scrumptious meals. Did I mention she is an award-winning chef? Her culinary talent far exceeds my personal cooking skills. She is one I look to with envy. If only she could be my personal chef! But most importantly, we share a connection. She too is a mother whose child has died. A connection that is close to my heart.

If you love the holidays, you will love this spirit filled book. With your family gathered around your piano and in the kitchen, you can experience the gift and warmth of true traditions this holiday season.


Taken from the book, “The party planner’s guide to Christmas, this collection includes over 90 all-time favorite carols and 27 recipes from award-winning chef Lisa Keys. Perfect for any holiday get-together, each carol is arranged for vocal, piano, and guitar, suitable for beginners and intermediate players.”

And here are a few words from Lisa, straight from the heart…

“Being a very private person I was the most unlikely person to start a blog, but losing a child changes a person and it sure changed me. Good Grief Cook is a form of therapy as is my cooking. It is a way to celebrate my William and to insure he is not forgotten. He was a bright light in my life and that light was snuffed out too soon. I try my best to honor him through the blog and that has carried me through the grief. It has allowed me to move forward and to pursue a passion. I have been blogging for a little over 2 years. When I started I never dreamed I would be contributing my recipes to a book. It’s a real gift to be able to honor my son with the recipes in this Christmas inspired book. I was super proud of him and I think he would be super proud of me and how I have survived such a loss. Never in a million did I ever think I would be here and I am sure you feel the same.” ~ Lisa Keys

Yes, losing a child changes everything. It catapults us into an unknown world forcing us to experience life as we could never imagine. While frightening and immensely painful, as the years move forward, we can find balance in our grief, with sprinkles of hope as we live with gratitude and grace.

Lisa has transformed her life into a beautiful testimony of loss transformed to never-ending love and pure inspiration. Thank you Lisa!

Please like, leave a comment or share to be entered in the giveaway. Drawing to be held Wednesday Dec. 9. Book to be mailed out immediately in order to enjoy in plenty of time for Christmas!!

Autographed copies still available! To order your own autographed copy, click HERE.

Also for sale on Amazon:

11 thoughts on “What’s Better Than Christmas Songs and Recipes? A Book Giveaway That Includes Both!

  1. I use to enjoy cooking–but after my son died in a car accident 4 years ago, it seems like a chore!! Maybe this book would help me to get back on track and see cooking in a different light!

    1. Hi Janet! So sorry about the loss of your son. Everything thing changes after such devastation. I know what you mean when cooking seems like a chore. Must check out the Good Grief Cook blog for more inspiring cooking! And yes, I’m sure this book would help bolster the cooking spirit! Thank you for taking time to share. Many blessings to you this Christmas.

  2. Dear Daphne–thank you for such a heart-felt blog post today. Cooking may not be your thing, but you sure have so many other gifts and you share them with such passion here…celebrating sweet Lydia and your adorable other children. You are a blessing and an inspiration to so many parents that have lost their children.

    Thank you for sharing the Christmas Holiday song and recipe book (do not include me in the give away). I just know one of your readers is going to love it.

    1. Hi Lisa! I’m again slow at replying! My pleasure to have you and your incredible book and ministry on the blog. You have so much to share and inspire others, especially me. Thank you for your encouraging words once again. Always brings bittersweet tears 🙂 I just know everyone is going to love this book! Along this journey with you ~Daphne

  3. It’s nice to find your blog through the warm and wonderful Lisa Keys. I am a fellow bereaved parent as well. I’d love to win a copy of Christmas Holiday. Thank you for your inspiration.

    1. Hi there! I’m so glad you found me here and yes through the beautiful Lisa Keys! I can’t wait to check out your blog too! So sorry for your loss and that we share this painful journey. May you find comfort and love along the way. ~Daphne

  4. Hi Daffy,

    The music/recipe book in on order. Thanks for that tip. And about burning cookies etc.,
    Auntie M’ sez, “safety first!”

    MY tip about kitchen activity is SET THE TIMER and stay in the kitchen! [unlikely with kids needing you]

    We know that reheating is always possible, so IF YOU LEAVE the kitchen, TURN OFF all that heat [unless it’s as slow roasting item]…and begin again upon your return. This is the voice of experience sent with all my love.


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