I know it’s a couple days late. Seems to be the story of my life. Always a day late , dollar short and behind schedule. Between work and shuffling children around my writing sometimes takes a back seat. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?          So, Easter thoughts better late than never.    🙂 

We had always enjoyed the sunrise service in the middle of the desert.   There’s nothing quite like getting up at 4 AM, throwing four kids in the car, making them sleep in their clothes as we drive two hours in the dark, and then climb a hill to make it to the service on top of the giant rock. 

Braving the many times freezing temperatures and harsh wind, nothing stood between us, as year after year, we looked forward to this day.



Surrounded by nearly 200 others swarmed tightly around a big bonfire, we sang hymns and heard the story of Jesus, rising from the tomb just as the sun peeked over the horizon. Exposed in nature, there’s no fuss about dressing up, as you won’t find any suits or Easter dresses here, just pure authentic people coming to worship our Savior with open hearts.



It’s truly beautiful and in this moment you can’t help but feel the Holy Spirit surround you, making it hard not to become emotional to such a powerful force.  The cool air wakes your soul, conjuring up focused thoughts on life, death, eternity and the true meaning of this day.





 Here are some photos of our last Easter sunrise service with Lydia. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfectly beautiful day.  With not a cloud in the sky, the kids hunkered down around the fire, jumping from rock to rock in the cool morning air.  After the service, we enjoyed a hearty country breakfast at the local grange and then spent the day with family exploring and hunting Easter eggs in the sagebrush.






It was bittersweet last Sunday as we gathered without my dear Lydia, but I am reminded of the promise of new life He has given us. God sending his own son, to be crucified and die for our sins, now that is a powerful and unfathomable kind of love. Love that is mightier than anything we could ever imagine. However, we did it and were flooded with memories of Lydia, her mischievous smile and zeal for life. Missing her ever so much.

John 3:16…”For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

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